SABOTEUR presents: The “Elemental” collection

Saboteur - Elemental Collection

For SABOTEUR, the “Elemental” collection is what its name describes: Elemental, the power of powers, the foundation for everything that follows. “Elemental” designs are minimalist and clear, yet mysterious and wild, optimistic and dark at the same time. The “Elemental” collection embodies all the ambivalences, the trials and tribulations of life – and that is why it is such a perfect companion for anyone and everyone, through all times.

Although the “Elemental” designs are balanced in perfect restraint in design and come across as comparatively simple, they are also based on a certain mysticism – in the form of clear geometry, which at first glance does not suggest anything mystical. Nothing about them is a coincidence, behind every detail the idea of perfection. It can be link chains in the perfect interplay of their elements, the perfect size of a plain round earring or the perfect restraint of sparkling stones on a slender bangle. 

Saboteur - Elemental Collection

Behind the “Elemental” collection by SABOTEUR are Thomas Sabo and Santiago Sabo, father and son, the founders of their new dynasty. One of the most significant “Elemental” designs, which plays with the idea of dynasty, are the signet rings. “They are not just a piece of jewellery, but a family crest,” Thomas Sabo explains. “And we extend that to all those who share the SABOTEUR convictions with us”. These convictions, they include above all the dedication to one’s own style, to the courage to be different, to do things differently.

For SABOTEUR and the “Elemental” collection, this “different” also lies in the timeless claim to their design, in the midst of an increasingly fast-moving fashion world that father and son want to question, to wake up with SABOTEUR. Thomas Sabo says: “Our jewellery should be able to be passed on from generation to generation. I want to design a long-lasting experience with SABOTEUR pieces”. For Santiago Sabo, SABOTEUR is above all also a lifestyle, “one that does not yet exist”, he explains. “SABOTEUR is an attitude”.

For this attitude that has become jewellery, precious 925 sterling silver is used as well as 18-carat yellow and white gold. In addition: white and black diamonds and other precious stones. All this is presented in straight forms, but also in innovative constructions such as rotating rings. How conspicuous or discreet, how loud or quiet the result looks, is decided by each SABOTEUR himself.


What began as a play on the family name became a new brand, a new lifestyle and a collection characterised by spirituality and the union of mysticism and geometry. SABOTEUR was founded by Thomas Sabo and his son Santiago Sabo. The artist and wife of Thomas Sabo, Rita Sabo, accompanies the creative process and the design of the “Sacra” line.

The brand comprises the two product lines “Elemental” and “Sacra”. In addition to a mindful and resource-conserving philosophy, the focus is on the use of valuable materials, incomparable craftsmanship and the highest quality. The credo of the SABOTEUR brand: “We believe in the longing for beauty and want to create the perfect piece of jewellery for it,” says Thomas Sabo.

SABOTEUR is available in the world’s first SABOTEUR Concept Store at Spiegelgasse 8 in Vienna and at