Mister Spex presents: Focus on sustainability

Mister Spex

Brands with added value! Sustainability and corporate responsibility are not just a good New Year’s resolution at Mister Spex, but have been a priority since the company was founded. This is also reflected in the omni-channel optician’s product range, which offers pioneers in the field the space and attention they deserve. Whether initiatives against marine pollution or to save the bees – Mister Spex presents sustainable brands and their visions.

Sea2See in action for clean oceans     

The brand, based and produced in Italy, has set itself the task of reducing pollution of the world’s oceans and raising global awareness of the issue. Sea2See is the first eyewear brand to be made from UPSEA recycled plastic, using plastic waste from the ocean as a source of raw materials. According to company founder and CEO François van den Abeele, the initiative was inspired by Boyan Slat’s Ocean Clean-up project and is now certified by the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program. It is the world’s most advanced seal of approval that verifies science-based standards for the development and manufacture of products for the circular economy. The brand is also certified by Optic For Good, the first ecologically responsible label for optical eyewear.

Focus on saving the bees from WeBee

The WeBee brand has made saving bees its mission and has created a real buzz with its models. WeBee’s vision: “Just as many companies pay license fees to famous brands to be allowed to use them, we pay bees a license fee for their vital diligence by donating 10 percent of sales to projects for their benefit,” explains CEO Mario Pietribiasi. The projects are selected by a scientific committee of international experts. In addition to the positive message, the design also contributes significantly to the brand’s success. The iconic glasses that have left their mark and written eyewear history are the source of inspiration for the current collection of 31 models.

Sustainable design from Monokel Eyewear

Monokel Eyewear is a unisex sunglasses label based in Stockholm, Sweden. The main material of the fashionable frames is high-quality, plant-based acetate. Each frame is handmade with great attention to detail in a process that takes more than three months. The brand philosophy is based on a mixture of simplicity and functionality, which naturally incorporates sustainability and timelessness, thus capturing the spirit of the times.