MELEA – The Health Concept 5* for your health

The most innovative institution for holistic health and prevention in Hungary has been created on the shores of the lakes in Sárvár. Melea – The Health Concept is the starting point for a very special journey.

Nestled in an idyllic landscape, in an absolutely peaceful location, with appealing architecture and fresh and healthy cuisine tailored to the needs of guests, the Melea – The Health Concept guarantees a customised and successful health trip.

The health-promoting, holistic and individual programmes at Melea are designed by a team of outstanding experts on site in a luxurious setting. These create the basis for a lifetime of optimal activity (Long Life Optimal Activity LLOA).

Melea’s vision is to create a universal, experiential and science-based lifestyle programme that focuses not only on physical and psychological needs, but also on harmonising them. The aim is to accompany and support the successful reorganisation of mindsets and daily habits in order to restore a healthy balance in everyday life.

  • SUPPORT: Creation of a personal health programme
  • NUTRITION: Balanced, healthy and personalised nutrition plan
  • ACTIVITY: Appropriate physical activity
  • HARMONY: Promotion of inner balance and well-being
  • MINDFULNESS: Support in the here-and-now in terms of emotional and mental health

An integral part of the Melea concept is detailed and comprehensive counselling by our own doctors and therapists. This includes a specific, individualised treatment and therapy plan. A laboratory examination and a detailed health questionnaire beforehand form the basis. Personal consultations with doctors and nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and psychologists are the second part. A personalised treatment plan is drawn up in an internal meeting of all the experts.

The aim is to develop and implement a customised health plan for each person, focusing on addressing and eliminating the risk factors identified in the health assessment. A comprehensive range of traditional and alternative medical therapies are utilised.

The aim of this consultation is to clarify and discuss in detail the needs and nutritional issues that have been identified, create a personalised nutritional plan and provide advice for a sustainable lifestyle change.

The aim of the physiotherapeutic consultation is to learn forms of movement that have a health-promoting, preventative and curative effect after assessing the current condition and according to individual goals. The physiotherapeutically recommended programmes promote mobility, improve blood circulation in the tissue and stimulate metabolic processes.

Mental processes have a proven influence on the health of the body. The aim of this counselling is to take sustainable steps towards improved mental health with professional support. To this end, a process of self-awareness is initiated that contributes to the long-term harmonisation of physical and mental processes.

Awareness is the key to developing and maintaining a good lifestyle in the long term. There is no change without education, no lifestyle change without the necessary understanding.

A daily changing and included programme of activities from breathing techniques to Pilates and yoga, lectures by our doctors and experts and cooking classes round off the offer.

The Melea – The Health Concept is now offering a “get to know us” package for 4 nights. This can only be booked for a short time. Secure your preferred dates in good time. If you have any questions, please contact:

“Do good to your body so that your soul feels like living in it.”

Teresa von Avila