Luxury watches by Tonino Lamborghini

Together with a Swiss watch manufacturer, Ferruccio Lamborghini has created eight new luxury watches that reflect the past of his father Tonino Lamborghini.

Founded in 1981 by Tonino Lamborghini, 2nd generation of the LAMBORGHINI industrial dynasty, the company has evolved into a luxury lifestyle and design powerhouse, creating superlative watches, sunglasses, leather, smartphones, restaurants, jet-setters hotels, food and beverage, from coffee to vodka and energy drinks, distributed in 40 countries around the world.


“In 1981, I started up my new Tonino Lamborghini Style and Accessories company. At the time I was assisting my father in the family group, but I felt the need to do something exclusively of my own, different from the world of engines. I have always been interested in design and accessories and I took inspiration from my engineering background. I’ve always loved products linked to mechanics, thus it was obvious for me that the first accessory I designed was a watch. And even today in every product I create there must not be missing a detail somehow related to the automotive and engineering heritage of my family. Uncompromising spirit, Italian ingenuity and design – together with the timeless legend of a brand recognized throughout the globe: these are the values that characterize my brand. The mission of my company is clear: to spread the passion and spirit of Italy with unique and distinctive products, inspired by Italian industrial design and the Lamborghini family’s story”.

– Tonino Lamborghini


“In 2021 Tonino Lamborghini will celebrate its 40th anniversary, the company founded by my father brings the Italian spirit to the world through a series of products that range from watches, eyewear, leather goods – three corporate core businesses – furniture, hospitality projects and branded beverages. A real lifestyle experience brand!”

Ferruccio Lamborghini

Swiss made, designed in Italy

With the support of the designers of its Centro Stile, constantly under the supervision of Tonino Lamborghini, the company has designed and manufactured timepiece models that over the years have become real style icons. Following the Lamborghini family’s vision and constant inspiration, the company’s designers have created unique watches like the Spyder, a watch totally inspired by the shield of the brand’s emblem that encloses the “Miura raging bull”, or timeless pieces like the Cuscinetto, whose first edition goes back to 1983.

Ferruccio Lamborghini, 3rd generation of the LAMBORGHINI dynasty.

The new Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection has been completely conceived and designed by Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino’s first son, who represents the third generation of the Lamborghini family. From his famous grandfather, Ferruccio has inherited not only the name but also the passion for motorcycles and high speed: he is a motorcycling champion in the Italian Championship.

Together with a team of designers and a historic Swiss watch manufacturer, Ferruccio has created eight new lines of timepieces that elegantly combine his father’s past and his experience in the 2-wheels world. A brand-new range of performing Swiss watches dedicated to daring, bold, audacious, intrepid, fearless and pioneering people, with a remarkable resourcefulness.

“Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle combines Italian flair with the heritage design of our Italian family.”

Ferruccio Lamborghini

Cuscinetto automatic


Cuscinetto dates back to 1983, when Tonino Lamborghini created one of his first watch models taking inspiration from a mechanical element, the ball bearing (in Italian, cuscinetto).

He created this model using a special bidirectional rotating bezel with a design recalling the machine element that constrains relative movement to the desired motion and reduces friction between moving parts.

38 years later, Tonino’s son, Ferruccio, redesigned the case in titanium with Torx® screws and four different colour variations, mounted a new movement and inserted a branded deployant buckle. As Tonino donated the first Cuscinetto to his father, so did Ferruccio with the new model he has redesigned to carry on the family’s tradition. On the Cuscinetto, the watch bezel is unique and represents a very special solution and feature of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection: designed as a bearing, the bezel and its balls rotate freely.

Panfilo automatic


In medieval times the word panfilo (or panfìlio, a typical Greek boat) indicated a war ship. In modern and contemporary days, the term refers to a motor, sailing or pleasure boat of big dimensions with comfortable accommodation, also called yacht or motor yacht in English.

Tonino Lamborghini has dedicated its first sub diver watch to sea enthusiasts, people who love to sail or dive and pursue in water the same challenges and goals they chase on the road. The slanting numbers and indexes on the unidirectional rotating bezel add dynamism and vitality to this timepiece that allows a firm and secure grip when submerged in the aquatic world. The design of the titanium “sandwich case” – with original holes in the lugs inspired by the sport car frames and four visible Torx® screwsis a clear tribute to the automotive heritage of the brand.

Spyderleggero Skeleton


This watch is an evolution of the Spyder, bestseller and iconic timepiece of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches line first created in 2007 as a tribute to the shield that encompasses the famous “Raging Bull.” Inspired by the automotive heritage of the brand, its name comes from the roadster, an open two-seat car with a unique sportive appearance and character.

Spyderleggero is – as the Italian name denotes – lighter and more ergonomic than the previous models thanks to its titanium sandwich case and a fiercer, but cleaner and smoother design thanks to its well-defined lines. The typical shield case of the Spyder has evolved into a more modern, futuristic and octagonal shape that recalls the sturdy head of a bull, symbol of the Lamborghini family. Eight visible Torx® screws keep the edges of the case firmly anchored, as a treasure chest that encloses the precious heritage and DNA of the brand. The Spyderleggero Skeleton is the result of an engineering research made by the brand’s Centro Stile and supervised by watch designer Fulvio Locci: materials like titanium and aluminum have made it possible to reach the best compromise between size, wearability and comfort. The skeleton dial and sapphire glass back case show the movement of the watch and the oscillating branded watch rotor. 

Spyderleggero Chrono automatic 


Like the Spyderleggero Skeleton, this watch incarnates the ambitious, determined, competing and combative personality of the Italian bull brand.

The Chrono version with day and date complications is the top model of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches 2019/2020 line. It summarizes all the special features of the new branded timepieces: stylistic sophistication, bold design, manufacturing research, light materials, ergonomics and performance.

The minutes and hours dials recall the image of a sandglass, epitomizing the passage of time, because – as Latins used to say – “tempus fugit” (time flies). As the sand flows from one part of the hourglass to the other, in the Spyderleggero Chrono the future enters in the past marking the evolution of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. 

Spyder Chrono Watch

The Spyder watch, developed in 2007 by the Centro Stile Tonino Lamborghini, was created as a homage to the shield that encloses the famous “Miura raging bull” in the brand’s logo.

The Spyder is the iconic model of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection. During the years, this timepiece has seen several evolutions of colour and shape variations. The last version of the new collection presents a unique dial with a double pattern: carbon fiber in the upper half and côte de Genève in the lower one. It is a timepiece designed and conceived for a man who likes to emphasize the smallest details of his unique and inimitable style. The deployant buckle is a highly singular detail: it is personalized with the Tonino Lamborghini writing and a 3D version of the Bull, present in all the sports models. 

GT1 Chrono Watch

The GT1 Chrono quartz chronograph takes its name from touring car models and is inspired by the automotive heritage of the brand. This watch is characterized by a style that is strongly influenced by the car’s world.

In addition to the case’s multifaceted design, the “Start/Stop” pushers, inspired by the sports car’s pedals used to accelerate and brake, are unique details. Recalling the automotive world once again, the dial counters strongly resemble those of a car speedometer. As with the other models, also the GT1 comes in five specific colours that are highly meaningful and symbolic for the brand and the Lamborghini family. Those colours recall the ones used for the past products of the different mechanical and automotive sectors manufactured by the family group years ago and today continue to enrich and distinguish the Tonino Lamborghini brand’s accessories. 

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