Zest for life / Mustique

VERA CALDEIRA and PEDRO FERRAZ are childhood friends. A trip to India in 2017 inspired them to start their own fashion label, and in 2018 they released their first collection.

To get us started, how are you both and what are you grateful for today?

Pedro and Vera: We’re doing really well and are so grateful to have been able to spend a peaceful summer surrounded by our friends and family.

How and why did you start Mustique?

Vera: We launched the brand in 2018. I had just quit my job at a start-up in London and Pedro was doing his Master’s in Business Studies. Pedro had the idea of starting his own project in the fashion industry and asked me if I wanted to join him on the adventure. The driving force behind founding the brand was our desire to have something of our own through which we could express ourselves creatively.

What is the name Mustique about? What does it mean (to you) and why did you choose it?

Vera: Mustique is the name of an island in the archipelago of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. I have always been drawn to the island with its tropical and mysterious atmosphere, and the word itself is aesthetically appealing. It was the first name I suggested to Pedro for the brand and he liked it straight away, so we never even considered any other options.

How do you come up with new designs, prints, etc.?

Vera and Pedro: We’re asked this question a lot and it’s not an easy one to answer. Inspiration comes from all over and from everything that we surround ourselves with. We’re inspired by films, music and literature, visiting an art gallery, spending time in nature or seeing the architecture of a city for the first time. We’re inspired by our friends, many of whom are talented artists in various disciplines and who we collaborate with. I consider the collections and pieces from Mustique as a reflection of our interests and the things we love.

Lebensfreude / Mustique

Nagomi is the Japanese art of living in harmony and enjoying life. Do you think you practise nagomi?

Absolutely, and I think Mustique reflects our relaxed and happy way of viewing life. We appreciate the simple things like spending time outside in the sunshine, enjoying good, fresh food with friends, drinking a glass of local wine, watching a good film or hearing a great song for the first time.

Thinking back to your childhood, what advice would your younger selves give your present selves in terms of nagomi (harmony and zest for life)?

Remember that life is fleeting and that the best gift you can give yourself is moments of pure peace and joy.

And finally, what advice would you give each other in terms of nagomi?

Carry on doing whatever makes you happy.