Lapalma: the fantastic 4

Nature is a system of endless scenarios. It grows in spring, rests in winter, starts germinating again and arranges and re-arranges the line on the horizon every time. The fantastic 4 outdoor sidetables by Lapalma follows the same rhythms and, with the same versatility, also accompanies the pleasure of spending time together outdoors.


Pure outdoor essence

The JEY table-sculpture, designed by Francesco Rota, moves easily between a sofa, an armchair or another table. The base is in concrete or in White Carrara and Nero Marquinia marble; the stem in tubular Aisi 316L stainless steel supports the top in various geometric shapes. Finally, the handle ensures an elegant and easy grip. To be plucked like a flower.

Versatility always wins. And YO, designed by Romano Marcato, is the brightest example. Even on a day when the sun prefers to hide away. Just place this side table near an armchair or a sofa. Just see how its off-centre base support allows the most acrobatic combinations and ensures stability for the top, proposed in HPL Fenix® laminate in different finishes and available in various geometric shapes. All this is enough to immediately restore serenity.

As the star base suggests, AUKI, designed by Her Welling, deploys its energy to four corners of the planet. Geometric and poetic, in the simplicity of the forms, this furnishing element is almost like a compass that navigates in a sea of encounters. Consisting of a single line, which rises from the aluminum base to the stainless steel column on which the round or square HPL laminate top rests, in every outdoor setting, AUKI is an essential element of elegance and versatility, also thanks to the two different sizes in which it is proposed.


Finally, a proposal that has character, intensity and lightness. With its minimalist shape, the ADD coffee table complements the elegant ADD seating system designed by Francesco Rot,a an elegant chair with aluminium base supports, which can be added to in order to become a modular sofa with removable covers that provides pleasure outdoors. The top is made of Fenix® HPL laminate, whereas the legs, available in two heights, are made of recycled die-cast aluminium. It is also available in the Soft variant with angular legs (height 22 cm).


Eclectic and ready to face all bad weather, the fantastic 4 side tables by Lapalma are the new outdoor superheroes.

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