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Lánchíd19, Budapest/Hungary Lánchíd19, Budapest/Hungary

Lánchíd 19, Text: Martin Novak

The Lánchíd 19 offers breathtaking views: from the hotel out over the Danube, and over the Buda Royal Castle on the other side. A concertina glass façade brings the beautiful Danube into the bedrooms.

Such creativity is also reflected in the Lánchíd 19‘s interior. Each room tells its own story – of a wedding, a dance class, a night at the cinema, … – and invites guests to enter the pages of those stories. The concept was developed by a group of young artists working in photography, graphics and design. Key characters in the stories are the chairs: the George G. Sowden chair in the cinema, the Phillipe Starck chair in the dance lesson and the white Verner Panton chair at the wedding (of course in the role of the bride). Boundless imagination.

Láchíd 19 interior
Láchíd 19 interior

Design as a part of life

Edit Rozsos was involved in the project from the start and overcame a range of challenges in the construction phase.

Design is part of our life; it should inspire us and can – if correctly realised – create a unique experience.

says Edit Rozsos, the hotel manager and co-founder

A mediaeval water tower in the foundations was excavated and renovated, and integrated into the building. Visible through the glass floor of the lobby, it creates a great contrast to the modern architecture of the hotel.

Lánchíd 19, Budapest/Hungary

Historic buildings and modern architecture

What does the hotel manager love about Budapest? ”That I can feel both the past and the present. Breathtaking buildings from previous eras beside modern architecture. And in the midst of it all, the Danube splitting the city in two. I am happy to cross the bridge to work in the morning. The river sparkles brightly in the morning sun, and the ripples are reflected on the windows of our hotel.“