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John Harris Pool

John Harris sounds like America. In fact, the native-born Viennese Ernst Minar has built up this luxury fitness chain with twelve studios since 2000.

Minar worked in the American pharmaceutical industry for a long time and drew a remarkable conclusion from this experience: It occurred to him “that the best medicine is fitness sport”, as he put it in an interview with the Austrian daily paper Der Standard. He produced a unique concept for his John Harris Fitness Studios: The fitness centre is combined with a Medical Centre. Guests in need of motion are straight away pleased by the generous wardrobes. On elegant wood parquet under exclusive concept-lighting, in front of golden velvet curtains and under crystal chandeliers the training is extremely well-groomed. Exclusive saunas and pools – incidentally located in excellent city locations – round off the work on body and/or health. Of course, your own personal trainer contributes to motion without regret with your individually adapted training plan. This is based on the analysis of the body composition in combination with the world’s most accurate body analysis scales. For people who are quite happy to spend money on their health, but have little time, the focus is placed on efficiency.

With us you can train all your muscles in 16 minutes in the circle.

Ernst Minar,
CEO John Harris

In this, different stations are completed one after another, training qualities such as strength, endurance and mobility. Anyone who wants to dive deeper into yoga, Pilates, or into to special back or weight-loss therapies, can choose from the extensive range of courses, which is based on the medical expertise of orthopaedists and internists.