High eating enjoyment in South Tyrol

Eating, chatting, being together – it doesn’t take much for a successful meal. The houses of the Alto Group in South Tyrol show how it’s done. They are places that tell stories and create stories. Places with charm that are simply there without pushing themselves to the fore. Places where culinary delights are celebrated together. Buon appetito!

The good things are so close,

they say. And here even right on the doorstep. The 1,000 square meter Schwarzbauer garden from the 17th century at the Hotel Schwarzschmied provides all kinds of ingredients. Recently, vegetables, fruit and herbs have also been growing on the 3,000 square meter Arnica Field at Villa Arnica, which are then processed into delicious dishes, spreads, syrups and jams in the four Alto houses. Most of the other ingredients needed for high-quality food are sourced locally. Eggs come from the local farmer. Butter, yogurt, cheese and honey come from selected mountain pastures and the bread from the traditional baker in the village. Because good food starts with the products. And it doesn’t get any more direct than farm-to-table and garden-to-table.

Meeting point 1477 Reichhalter

A special gem of the Alto Group is the 1477 Reichhalter, an ancient building in the village center of Lana. It has seen a lot in half a millennium: it has been a butcher’s shop, mill, bakery and stables and today it is an inn with a handful of rooms, an espresso bar and a restaurant. Locals and travelers alike meet in the lovingly renovated house. It is peaceful and, like a loving grandfather, patiently accommodates everyone who wants to stop in. The food adapts to the time of day. There is a small breakfast with croissants warm from the oven, spaghetti for lunch, an affogato for afterwards, refreshing lemonades, after-work drinks and a fine dinner… No more. No less.

Sundays at the Pool

And then there are also a few culinary events, such as the Poolhouse Grill in at Villa Arnica. On balmy South Tyrolean summer Sunday nights, vegetables from the garden, regional meat and/or fish are grilled here. There are also refreshing drinks and wonderful moments under the pergola at the edge of the azure blue pool with friends and those who are yet to come.

For the soul

By the way, anyone who thinks that vegetarians or even vegans have a hard time in South Tyrol is mistaken. At least the Alto Group is very keen to cater for meat-free and animal-free diets. At the Hotel Schwarzschmied, La Fucina under the management of Andreas Pircher entices guests with Mediterranean slow food. Homemade pasta, grilled vegetables – the simple dishes are often the ones that touch the heart and make you feel good.

It’s never about the awards, it’s about making the guest happy – that’s all that matters.

Andreas Pircher

photocredits: Alto Group