Hey ChatGPT. I’m travelling to London.


Travelling always involves planning. A lot of it. Where are we going? What do we want to do? What do we want to see? Where’s best to grab a coffee, snack, lunch, dinner, drinks? There are too many questions for someone who loves to explore and see new places but hates the planning part of it – the endless scrolling through Instagram and TikTok to find the latest hotspots. So, I asked ChatGPT.

Hey ChatGPT! We’re in London for four days and staying in Richmond. Can you please plan an itinerary for us? We love a good coffee, want to see some art installations – nothing out of the ordinary though. We also like books, markets, nice photo spots and a good dinner and drinks. Nothing too touristy, please.

And off it went. It started typing out a full itinerary for us. On day 1 you do this, on day 2 you do that. I made a few tweaks, added a few more areas in London I wanted to see so it didn’t just cover west London, and then we had it. Four perfectly planned days in London.

Day 1: Exploring Richmond

Nestled in a picturesque part of London, Richmond sits right on the river, creating a scene straight off a postcard. Imagine people taking a leisurely stroll with their dogs, an abundance of flowers in bloom, charming coffee shops and quintessential pubs. Our day commenced with a delightful riverside walk, immersing ourselves in the beauty of Richmond. Our destination? Tide Tables Café right next to the river.

This charming café is known for its excellent coffee and cosy atmosphere. It wasn’t only ChatGPT that recommended it to me but also my friend from London. And they were both right. Vibrant dishes, flaky croissants, luscious French toast, delectable waffles and artisanal coffee comprised our meal – an experience beyond compare.

Our next stop was the popular Richmond Green, a lovely open space in the heart of the town. It’s the perfect spot to chill after walking through Richmond and taking photos of everything you see because it’s just so pretty. Before we sat down in Richmond Green, though, we made a detour to the popular Gelateria Danieli for some scrumptious gelato. It was delish!

For food and drinks, we decided to stop at Pitcher and Piano, right next to the river. While not a ChatGPT recommendation, its captivating view prompted us to embrace spontaneity and give it a shot. It’s definitely worth a try, especially with its riverside ambience. Another culinary gem worth mentioning is The Ivy, centrally located in Richmond and a mere stone’s throw from the river. This establishment promises an experience that’s not to be missed.

Day 2: Art and exploration

On the second day, following ChatGPT’s guidance, we bid farewell to the charms of Richmond and ventured deeper into the heart of central London. Given our shared affection for both coffee and books, ChatGPT ingeniously directed us to Baker Street. From there, we walked to our first stop – Boxcar Baker in Marylebone. This is a cute little café with flowers and plants hanging from the walls and the TikTok-famous filled croissants. And even though it is small, it wasn’t overly crowded. Fully embracing our holiday spirit, we treated ourselves to an assortment of mouth-watering pastries and ordered a pair of expertly crafted coffees to kickstart the day. With our appetites satisfied and caffeine coursing through our veins, we embarked on the next leg of our journey.

If you’re a book lover, this is the place to be. Marylebone High Street is  appealing enough on its own, but Daunt Books makes it even better. This two-storey book shop has every book and genre an avid reader could possibly need – we even found an Austrian section there. I would definitely suggest going up to the second floor to get a full view of the book shop.

Thanks to ChatGPT, we explored London by foot that day because everything was in walking distance (if you’re up to walking 30k steps a day, that is). So, from Marylebone High Street we walked down Marylebone Lane to the very busy and touristy Oxford Street. But if you’re up for a shopping trip, it’s perfect. Once we left the bustling main road, we found Carnaby Street and Sophie Tea Art.

Sophie Tea Art isn’t your usual art gallery, it’s more of a café with a gallery and interactive rooms where you can get creative. Definitely worth a visit!

After making that trip, we were a little hungry and headed for Covent Garden. I know I asked ChatGPT for non-touristy places but ever since my first London visit, I have loved this area, and seeing as it wasn’t too far from Carnaby Street (again, if the 30k steps a day are manageable), I decided to squeeze it in.

Covent Garden presents a delightful fusion of culinary hotspots and vintage stalls, each offering a cornucopia of treasures ranging from exquisite jewellery and watches to quintessentially British teacups and an array of other delights. Beyond the visual and tactile allure, Covent Garden also stands out for its food scene. Out of the options available, I wholeheartedly endorse a visit to Buns & Buns, a culinary gem serving up delectable Asian cuisine.

Last but not least, we headed back up to Tottenham Court Road station. I asked ChatGPT to show me some new art installations and that’s exactly what we got. Near the station we found a free 360-degree immersive art installation that changes theme from time to time. When we got there, the 23,000-square-foot walls were plastered floor to ceiling in diamonds and there were glass sheds that changed colour – very psychedelic and a real experience!

Day 3: West London charm

On our third day, we decided to explore more of west London – Kensington and Notting Hill.

We started our day with coffee and sweet treats again – the usual. This time at Gail’s bakery in Notting Hill, a cosy spot offering freshly baked goods and quality coffee. We then set off to explore the picturesque streets of Notting Hill, known for their colourful houses and charming boutiques. It must be one of the most visually appealing areas in London. But beware – during the bank holiday weekend at the end of August, Notting Hill plays host to a wonderfully vibrant and diverse carnival, the biggest in Europe with two million visitors from all over the world. During those three days, the tranquil, quaint Notting Hill is transformed into THE location for fun, music and dancing. My advice? Try and see both sides!

From Notting Hill we walked to visit the Design Museum in Kensington, where you can explore the world of design, architecture and contemporary art. Afterwards, we had lunch at Portobello Road Market, a traditional London market with antiques, fashion and street food. It’s my second favourite after Covent Garden!

As the day transitioned into evening, we had the pleasure of reuniting with friends who live locally at yet another impeccable ChatGPT recommendation – The Ledbury. This esteemed establishment, boasting two Michelin stars, beckoned with its promise of modern French cuisine, renowned for its creativity and culinary prowess. Widely regarded as a must-visit epicurean destination in London, The Ledbury lived up to its reputation and then some. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, making for the ideal end to our London journey and a great way to catch up with cherished friends.

Day 4: Last-minute stops

One of the last tweaks I made during my ChatGPT request was to add a list of last-minute stops not too far from Liverpool Street station, which is where we would be catching our train to the airport. Since we still had all afternoon to explore before we had to leave, I decided to squeeze some of them in.

We started off at Spitalfields Market – a massive market with lots of different food stalls and vintage vendors. It was the perfect place for last-minute shopping and picking up something on the go while strolling through the artsy streets.

From Spitalfields Market we set off for Brick Lane in Shoreditch – famous for its graffiti and street art. However, Brick Lane’s allure extends beyond its artistic splendour; it’s a haven for vintage aficionados, as well. The numerous vintage shops lining the streets offer a captivating journey through fashion’s storied past. Moreover, the area’s appeal is further enhanced by a diverse array of food stalls to satisfy every culinary craving. Shoreditch, and particularly Brick Lane, is a mecca for vintage enthusiasts and creative spirits, capturing the essence of a dynamic and ever-evolving London.

On the way back to Liverpool Street station, I would absolutely recommend a stop at London Wall to have a look at the Gherkin and the rest of the skyscrapers – it’s an iconic London view!

Thanks ChatGPT, see you next time!

My conclusion about travelling with ChatGPT is that it made travelling and planning a lot easier while still allowing me to spontaneously stop or add some other places. My tip is to ask ChatGPT exactly what you want and make little tweaks to the list it gives you by asking more questions and refining your request. It’s definitely a great addition to travel planning and a lot less hassle!