Green, green, green at the Küglerhof // Lifestylehotels

The Küglerhof in South Tyrol is surrounded by vineyards, meadows, forests and panoramic views. Owner Karoline Dilitz affectionately calls the surrounding 3.5 hectares of her hotel the Green Island. What is there to experience in the garden oasis? Lots of greenery, plus this and that, but above all peace and dolce vita.


The view of the Etschtal is breathtaking. And there are always new perspectives of the surrounding landscape with its mountains, vineyards, apple orchards and the small church of Dorf Tirol. The chalet-like hotel is perched 700 metres above the village centre and is nestled in a spacious garden with a pond and orchard.


The lush meadows around the hotel spread out like a green carpet and invite you to take off your shoes, walk barefoot, do a cartwheel and then let yourself go. Perhaps a picnic would also be nice… With Parmiggiano and Prosecco? Si! Per favore! Or how about an open barbecue? Certo. Buon Appetito!


And now another round of swinging, stretching your legs in the air and feeling the freedom, as if you were a child again. A quick dip in the pool and then a round of boccia. Or two or three rounds? Until the sun goes down! Let’s get out into the countryside!

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photocredits: Gerd Eder