Go Green with the Hotel Interior Trends 2024 // curated by ADA

The growing trend towards sustainability, natural materials and green colours is also noticeable in the hospitality sector. Soft nature and biophilic design are being joined this year by cheerful boho style, organic design and timeless furniture. What exactly does it mean exactly and what interior and colour trends can we expect to see in hotel rooms and lobbies this year? Hotel and contract furnishers Symphonic by ADA is giving us an overview:

Interior Trends

Soft Nature – gentle, harmonious, calm, cosy and balanced

The elegant and timeless Soft Nature trend will remain a favourite for hotel interiors in 2024. In turbulent times, guests are looking for peace and relaxation. Natural colours such as cream and greige, combined with hotel room furniture made from natural materials, create a retreat, a temporary home and an oasis of well-being for guests.

Biophilic Design – close to nature, organic, lively, stimulating the senses and green

The ever-increasing desire to be close to nature is being fulfilled with the design trend of biophilic design. Green plants, natural materials and organic shapes bring nature into the room and create a pleasant experience. This style is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a positive effect on the well-being of guests.

Scandinavian Design – hyggelig, clear, bright, natural and timeless

The scandinavian style is characterised by simple elegance, clean lines, light colours and natural materials. With a focus on functionality, aesthetics, minimalist design and a bright, open interior design, this style creates a calm, cosy atmosphere. Perfect for guests looking for a relaxed ambience.

Boho Style – lively, colourful, creative, casual and cosy

Boho style is a fusion of different styles and cultural influences. This style is characterised by warm earthy tones, natural materials, handmade artwork, patterned textiles and vintage elements. This mix of materials, colours and artwork creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that is loved by guests for its individuality, personal touch and cosy charm.

Sustainability – conscious, ecological, resource-conserving, durable and future-oriented

For many, sustainability is not just a trend, but a commitment for the future. Hotel Interior 2024 is characterised by environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving lighting and sustainable property design. It attracts guests who appreciate the possibility of an environmentally conscious stay.

Flowing Furniture Fesign – elegant, dynamic, graceful, organic and aesthetic

Flowing furniture design gives hotel rooms an elegant dynamic and a modern ambience. Hotel furniture with organic shapes and curved lines creates a unique aesthetic. Guests experience a modern yet timeless atmosphere in which the interior design fills the room with lightness.

Colour Trends

Cream and brown – gentle softness and cosiness

Cream and brown are neutral colours that convey softness and cosiness. They have a calming effect in rooms and create an airy, open, inviting, cosy and accentuated atmosphere.

Orange and Terracotta – energetic warmth and freshness

Orange and terracotta are vibrant colours that radiate energy and warmth. They bring life into hotelrooms. On furniture, for example on upholstered furniture, these colours create accents with a dynamic aesthetic. Orange and terracotta have an energising effect on people and create a cheerful atmosphere.

Red – passionate elegance and energy

Red is a statement, a passionate colour that radiates elegance and energy. In rooms, red stands for strong emotions and has a powerful and dramatic effect. Red pushes itself to the fore and sets strong accents. Red hotel furniture should be used carefully. The motto here is: Less is more. Perfectly placed upholstered furniture in the signal colour red is an eye-catcher with a strong visual impact that attracts attention, arouses emotions and fills hotel rooms with life.

Blue – calming chic and clarity

Blue conveys a calming beauty, clarity and objectivity. It has a relaxing effect and promotes a feeling of serenity in people. Blue furniture stands for a timeless and classic aesthetic.

Forest green – fresh, natural and harmonious

Lush green symbolises fresh naturalness and harmony. Rooms with green accents have a refreshing and balancing atmosphere. Green furniture creates a connection between space and nature. Green has a calming effect on people and creates a feeling of harmony and balance.

Furniture composition: Symphonic by ADA

The cosy sofa in the lobby, the bright red velour armchairs in the restaurant, the heavenly relaxation lounger in the spa area and, last but not least, the perfect hotel mattress: the interior of a hotel can have quite an impact on the guest experience. With its subsidiary Symphonic by ADA, ADA has created a product world specifically for hotel and catering projects. And because these can be individually configured according to colour or fabric requirements, it is easy to always be on trend.

photocredits: Almwellness Hotel Pierer, © Symphonic by ADA; Landgasthof Jagstmühle, © Landgasthof Jagstmühle; Almwellness Hotel Pierer, © Symphonic by ADA; Dorfhotel Fasching, © Symphonic by ADA; Hotel Fräulein Leni, © Julius Hirtzberger; Hotel Ambassador Zürich, © Agi Simoes & Reto Guntli