Eva Poleschinksi homewear collection Indoor + Outside

Star designer Eva Poleschinski sets trends for a cozy yet chic look at home with her latest homewear collection “Indoor + Outdoor”.

The designer’s first home collection includes loungewear highlights such as coats, blouses, shorts, pants, tunics, kimono dresses and sleep masks. Matching upholstery is available to add chic and elegance to the home as well.

The unmistakable Eva Poleschinski designs as well as the high-quality fabrics and unique motifs make all parts of the collection real eye-catchers!

the first homewear collection by Eva Poleschinski cuts a fine figure, not only in the home office or on the couch. Also “outside”, the lougewear parts enhance every look.

Designed by nature

Inspired by Iceland, the designer’s favorite travel destination, which was also reflected in the last collections. Shapes and colors of nature inspired the new “Indoor + Outside” collection which brings style, elegance and a bit of “wow” back into life. The loungewear and home pieces are presented in five stunning colorways, from vibrant orange to classic modern black and white.

The unique motifs of the themed worlds, depicting glaciers, ash and rivers sculpted by Iceland’s nature, were developed as all-over photographic prints from aerial shots taken by the designer herself.

“Naturally Different” – Fair & Slow Fashion, made in Austria

Eva Poleschinski is not only known for her distinctive designs, but also for the best quality. The images of the “Indoor + Outside” collection are printed on fabrics from Europe, the collection pieces themselves are fairly produced in Austria. In this way Eva Poleschinski focuses on sustainability and diversity as well as fair & slow fashion.

And the best part – The designer wants to donate a part of the sales from the home collection to nature conservation projects!

About Eva Poleschinski

Austrian designer Eva Poleschinski founded her own label at the young age of 23. She loves finding inspiration in foreign countries and cultures for the presentation of her collections. For this reason, she shot her current collection “Colours” under the eccentric influence of Iceland, the land of geysers and fairy tales with elves and trolls.

Imagephotos: ©Eva Poleschinski
Lookbookphotos: ©Oliver Rathschueler
Models: Milva & Christina (SP Models), Brona (Body & Soul)