Eclectic Harmony – An Art Deco Studio Full of Elegance & Style

Embark on a design journey where diverse styles seamlessly merge in a captivating studio. Explore the curated fusion of mid-century modern, contemporary, and traditional elements, all woven together with a consistent color palette in This art deco studio.

When interior design outfit Studio Montemayor received the call to reimagine this home in Belvedere Island, San Francisco, little did they know that the opportunity would unfold into a collaboration of artistic minds. Teaming up with the innovative Hommés Studio, the out-of-the-box design brief became a canvas for creative expression.

Captured through the stylist Yedda Morrison, this visual journey into this art deco studio unravels the seamless integration of styles and the distinctive touch brought by the collaborative efforts of Studio Montemayor and Hommés Studio.

This home exceeds expectations with its six rooms spread across 5,230 square feet. The panoramic views provide an enchanting backdrop, and the interior reflects a dream realized through careful design.

Symphony of Styles: Unveiling the Artful Elegance in the Heart of the Home

An eclectic symphony of elements in the living room creates a captivating ambiance. The focal point is a striking centerpiece with its unique form and artistic allure. Surrounding this centerpiece are carefully curated furnishings that blend seamlessly, contributing to the room’s harmonious atmosphere.

Nestled within the captivating panorama of the San Francisco Bay Area, this living room serves as a testament to refined aesthetics. The carefully chosen furnishings, such as the striking sofa and lounge chairs, paired with an artful table and anchored by a tasteful rug, weave a narrative of sophistication. Every detail, including a sculptural candlestick, adds an artistic touch that echoes the family’s appreciation for the extraordinary.

Inspired by the owners’ diverse collection, the color palette weaves through the space, creating a visual journey. The thoughtful selection of furniture and decor reflects an appreciation for comfort and aesthetic appeal. Custom details, from coverings to accent pieces, add a personal touch to the living room, creating an inviting and visually stimulating space.

Furniture choices reflect a harmonious mix of styles, from the inviting Easy chair by Pierre Jeanneret to the versatile Berger stool by Charlotte Perriand. Thesemid-century modern pieces seamlessly coexist with the Baroque-style marble fireplace, showcasing a design balance that merges contemporary Scandinavian minimalism with more imposing, room-filling details in this art deco studio.

Every element tells a story in the embrace of this thoughtfully designed living room. The space becomes a canvas where interior luxury harmonizes with the natural beauty beyond the windows.

Dining Room

In the dining room, an enchanting ambiance unfolds. The focal point is the striking Puffball Cloud Pendant chandelier, casting an artful glow that plays with shadows. Atop the custom laminate and lacquer dining table, a masterpiece crafted for this space, a sculptural accent adds a distinctive touch. Surrounding this centerpiece are the sophisticated Fin dining chairs, offering comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Moving to the kitchen, a consistent and captivating mid-century modern style resonates throughout, reflecting the homeowners’ curated taste. Square guest stools provide functional seating at the sleek kitchen island, their design seamlessly blending with the vintage cabinet. The choice of timeless furnishings and cabinetry maintains a cohesive aesthetic that resonates with the house’s overall theme.

The color palette, featuring Lehigh Green on the ceiling and Georgian Brick on the kitchen island, unifies the space with the rest of the home. These carefully selected hues add warmth and character and contribute to the seamless style flow from room to room.

Serene Retreat: where Timeless Style and Personal Expression meet

In the primary bedroom, an air of refined comfort prevails. A custom headboard in Tiger Mountain fabric sets a luxurious tone, complemented by a nightstand crafted with attention to detail. The parchment table lamp adds a subtle glow, casting a warm ambiance. A custom coverlet in Milano Linen 520 drapes elegantly, enhancing the overall sense of sophistication.

The Hommés Studio Fifih bench steals the spotlight at the foot of the bed with its distinctive Wooly Ebony fabric upholstery. Exhibiting the hallmark style of Hommés Studio, the bench boasts a unique design that seamlessly blends modernity with artistic flair. Its presence not only adds functional seating but also serves as a captivating statement piece, contributing to the room’s curated atmosphere.

Fifih bench becomes a focal point, embodying the essence of the owners’ eclectic taste and wide-ranging collection. With its striking, unexpected design language, this piece underscores the space’s harmonious blend of comfort and artistry, allowing even the most quirky addition to the collection to find its place seamlessly in this luxurious bedroom.

Cozy Eclecticism: A Warm Blend of Styles in the Family Living

This family room project emerged from the client’s need to relocate temporarily during the renovation of their primary residence. For Perez Montemayor, the challenge was to transform this temporary space into a comforting home, all within the confines of an existing structure.

As we conclude our journey through this captivating art deco studio, the eclectic harmony encapsulates a home and an ode to the seamless fusion of diverse styles, artistic expression, and a commitment to curated elegance. Each room narrates its own story, yet collectively, they resonate as chapters in a novel of design exploration.

This residence is a testament to the creative journey undertaken, where every detail, color, and piece of art harmoniously coexist, inviting inhabitants into a space that is not just a house Perez Montemayor, the designer, collaborating with this art-loving couple has been a dream. We hope you got inspired by this art deco studio mixed with mid-century modern style, and now we invite you to discover the Furniture & Lighting Catalog by Hommés Studio to complete your home.

Source: Vogue Magazine by Shade Degges