Drinks At Home Grand Collection: enjoying bar culture at home // DAY 16

Drinks At Home

Drinks At Home brings together some of Austria’s most renowned bartenders who stay true to their unique style in Bottled Cocktails.

The company now offers 16 different Premium Bottled Cocktails from 12 of Austria’s most renowned bartenders, which are delivered to customers’ homes throughout Austria. Newly interpreted cocktail classics and harmonious own creations make up the carefully compiled Drinks At Home menu. The Bottled Cocktails are sophisticated, exceptional, long-lasting, easy to serve and always taste as if they have just been freshly prepared by your favourite bartender. Perfect for a dinner with loved ones, zoom calls with friends or just to celebrate the day.

Drinks at Home

Your living room becomes your new favourite bar:
Open the bottle, fill the glass with ice cubes, pour the cocktail & enjoy!


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The concept comes from cocktail legend Kan Zuo, operator of THE Sign Cocktail Lounge, during the first lockdown. The idea of being able to continue enjoying fancy cocktail creations as well as bringing the first-class Austrian bar culture home was immediately met with lively interest from cocktail fans and led to a great demand within a short time.

Kan Zuo

Die größte Challenge war es, die einzelnen Zutaten so zu verpacken, dass sie ihre Aromen nicht verlieren und auch zu Hause leicht zu mixen sind.

Kan Zuo – The Sign Lounge

The most renowned bartenders in Austria

The creative potential and passion of the Drinks at Home bartenders is not only evident in their extraordinary and innovative cocktail creations, but also in the numerous prizes recently awarded to the best in the industry.

Isabella Lombardo – LVDWIG Bar
Matty Vinnitski – Matiki Bar
Nathalie Wenko – Die Parfümerie Bar
Flamur Bajgora – The Churchill Bar
Oltion Mehmetaj – The Churchill Bar
Drinks at Home
Drinks At Home
Drinks At Home
Drinks At Home
Drinks At Home
Drinks At Home
Drinks At Home
Damir Bušić – The Liquid Diary
Arik Vinnitski – Matiki Bar
Gilles Reuter – Die Parfümerie Bar
Gerhard Wanderer – Nightfly’s American Bar
Zoran Djurovic & “Baba” Sy -First American Bar

Drinks At Home is the perfect partner for company events or to give pleasure to employees or business partners. Everything from the complete processing, individualisation options in the form of branded greeting cards, gift ribbons or similar, to shipping/delivery to desired delivery addresses is taken care of from a single source.

Drinks At Home

Photos: Drinks at Home, David Johansson

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