Best of Both Worlds – Shiso Burger in Vienna

“Hey Vienna, At least one concept from Berlin made it to the neighbourhood” could be read on the red backlit notice board at the opening of the new Shiso location. The burgers with an Asian twist are now also available in Vienna. But it’s not just the culinary side of things that’s best of both worlds here. Thanks to the renowned architecture studio Tzou Lubroth the interior is very stylish – including a pinch of Viennese style.

Something architectural

While people in Berlin like to go for the urban look, Vienna is very proud of its elegance. “I didn’t even need to hire an architecture firm,” says Tim Schächter about the franchisor’s guidelines from Berlin. But he is convinced that the holy triangle of location-concept-interior is important for success. The location is a stone’s throw away from the lively Mariahilfer Straße. The concept from Berlin includes healthy burgers with a pan-Asian touch. And for the interior, Schächter has commissioned the architects Tzou Loubroth, who are familiar with hospitality projects and are also restaurateurs themselves.

Something yellow

And who could be better qualified for this project than a duo of architects who, like the culinary concept, embody the combination of American and Asian culture? Chieh-Shu Tzou is from Taiwan and Gregorio Santamaria Lubroth comes from the USA. The fusion of different worlds is also reflected in the interior. The overall concept is a two-storey ensemble with informal seating on a platform in the lower area and larger tables and niches on the upper floor. The reflections of the metal stools on the ceiling were not planned but are an exciting side effect. Other highlights include the wooden tables with yellow epoxy resin.

Something red

The counter is a long window to the open kitchen, which is located in a light-coloured wooden house with a red ceiling. And speaking of red: a red glass and the equally red Japanese Shiso neon lettering were the only interior specifications from the franchisor. The former was installed as the side wall of the staircase and the latter shines down from the wall in the upper area.

Something viennese

And where can you find this little piece of Vienna? You have to look at the floor to find out, as the black and white tiles of the Art Nouveau building have been incorporated into the entrance area. A chequerboard pattern is repeated on the stairs and in the washrooms, which can also be found in the house.

Something well tasting

The Berlin burgers are served in style in bamboo steam baskets, which when stacked up look as if they are part of the interior. The burger variations include the savoury Shiso Burger with marinated tuna and the eponymous shiso leaf or the Korean-inspired Bulgogi Burger with grilled beef strips and kimchi marinade. As a side, there are edamame beans and mochi and Vietnamese coffee for dessert. All burgers are freshly prepared and the ingredients are sourced from Austria wherever possible. There is only more to say:

Hey Shiso, Congrats – you also made it to THE Stylemate Blog!

photocredits: Shiso Wien, Eat Butter First