BERLIN BAR, MOSCOW – that rocks!

Berlin Bar

There are many Berlin Bars all over the world. But there is none like the one designed for Moscow by architect Thilo Reich. The design concept connects the two cities.

Even 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin still stands for new beginnings and change, for culture and open spaces – and for a nightlife without borders. This explains why the city, which is rich in contrasts, gives its name to bars in all corners of the globe – those who want to keep the promise of an incomparable experience for their guests.

Radical conversion

This is where the new Berlin Bar in Moscow comes in: architect Thilo Reich, himself a Berliner, is no stranger to the design of gastronomic spaces – he has already designed the In-Treffs “The Coven Bar” and “Bar Saint Jean” in Berlin. For the Moscow Hot Spot, his first international bar project, he has chosen a rather radical approach:

His concept transfers the exterior of Berlin into the interior of Moscow, with concrete wall reliefs of Berlin sidewalks.

City-connecting walkway castings

The architect himself took the casts of pavement segments from the places in Berlin that stand for exchange and history between Moscow and Berlin: the pavement in front of Café Moscow, the former border line between the Russian and American sectors, the Glienicke Bridge or the Charlottenburg district, where Russians traditionally settle down.

“Memory” for contemporary history

The cobblestones are shaped by the history of the city and its people, bear traces of urban life and political upheavals and yet, apart from the stumbling blocks that appear in some casts, they are an unnoticed part of the everyday cityscape.

Roughness & Minimalism

The roughness of the grey wall covering and Reich’s minimalist use of concrete are in clear contrast to the colourful and often gold-dominated interiors of Moscow bars. Ready-mixed concrete blocks serve as table tops and counters, while the table surfaces are interspersed with fine lines of brass.

Berlin down to the last detail

The concept of using only materials from Berlin and commissioning productions in Berlin is running through: The bar lamps are composed of modules from the East Berlin street lamps, the substructure of the benches, which are covered with brown leather cushions, consist of simple beer benches imported from southern Germany. The reflective window panes of the former Palast der Republik were used for a mirror, the BERLIN lettering is emblazoned in large, dark illuminated letters, marked by its function as company advertising from the former Russian sector.


Currywurst, Absinthe and Party

According to MyGuideMoscow (, party-maker Chris Helmbrecht, who has already had a good run in nightclubs all over the world, is responsible for the music, the bilingual menu – the obligatory currywurst as well as meatballs with potato salad or rollmops must not be missing – and the professional service staff behind the counter.

Bar boss Sergey Niyazov came up with some avant-garde ideas for the cocktail menu. And besides well-known classics like “Angel Face” and “Negroni” you will find 14 different kinds of absinthe, even a premium vodka from Berlin.

BERLIN BAR, Bol’shaya Sadovaya St. 14c6, Moscow, Russia, 125047, +7 495 222-03-93

Text: Linda Benkö
Photos: Ivan Erofeev