Alcantara & Maserati: Luxury meets performance

Maserati chooses Alcantara for the customization of its MC20

“Luxury meets performance” is the bond that links the two brands Alcantara and Maserati. This bond finds its ultimate expression in the MC20 super sports car, for which Maserati has chosen Alcantara® to customize the interior and make it even more exclusive.

The interior of the Maserati MC20 features an original, bespoke pattern that combines technology and craftsmanship. It is the result of a partnership between Centro Stile Maserati and the designers and technical experts of Alcantara Complex Manufacturing, a team that has the special skills required to develop exceptional bespoke designs by combining complex technologies to provide clients with the finished upholstered product.

“The installation itself is also made of Alcantara. It represents a scenario inspired by the car and its energy, to emphasize the concept of speed and stylistic expression.”

says illustrator Pietro Mazza.

The laser perforations in the center of the seat are cut in a graduated pattern to emphasize the dynamics. The black Alcantara features a contrasting back that is available in two color options: blue and metallic gray. In addition, the option of light brown with gray metallic back is also available. The ever decreasing distance between the perforation lines emphasizes the visual effect.

The versatility of the material allows a high level of customization and the development of innovative solutions that combine style and technology, beauty and functionality. Every inch of Alcantara comes from the production plant in Nera Montoro in Umbria. From there it is exported all over the world. This confirms Alcantara as an ambassador of authentic Italian manufacturing excellence and its status as a company capable of developing products using advanced technologies while maintaining the attention to detail typical of traditional craftsmanship.

At the premiere, the interior was transformed into a canvas on which illustrator Pietro Mazza created a story of curved lines and speedometers. Mazza’s illustration consists of a graphic representation of a moving scenario. In the foreground are the car seats, sewn with needle and thread, symbolizing craftsmanship and attention to detail. The sky, with its flying circles, represents mechanics and dynamism, as does the ground with its screws and tachometers. A trophy symbolizes the element of victory, that is, top performance on the track as well as the connection to speed. The clouds, which also pass the trophy, form the slipstream that is left behind when you put your foot on the gas pedal.

“Working with brands like Maserati, which, like Alcantara, combine technology and craftsmanship, emotion and performance, always makes us very proud. Thanks to the pure Italian quality and the company’s experience in customization, the most prestigious brands in the world choose Alcantara”,

said Andrea Boragno, chairman and CEO of Alcantara (pictured left; with illustrator Pietro Mazza).

Alcantara was founded in 1972 and its production is an example of Italian high quality and excellence. The registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A. and the result of a unique proprietary technology, Alcantara is a highly innovative material that ensures unparalleled tactile, aesthetic and functional performance. The material’s exceptional versatility has led renowned brands to choose Alcantara for their products in the fashion and accessories, automotive, interiors and furnishings, and consumer electronics sectors. These characteristics, together with its constant and certified commitment to sustainability, make Alcantara a true icon of the contemporary lifestyle: the lifestyle of those who want to enjoy life to the fullest while respecting the environment. In 2009, Alcantara obtained certification for carbon neutrality, a result of measuring, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions from production. To communicate its progress in this area, Alcantara produces an annual sustainability report certified by BDO, which can be found on the company’s website. Alcantara’s headquarters are located in Milan, while its production plant and research center are located in Nera Montoro (Terni), in the heart of Umbria.

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