FROM CLASSIC TO CRAZY: Winemaker Werner Hauser presents new wine creation anno1555

anno1555 - Poy Secco Feel Greener

Brave, braver, Werner Hauser! The winemaker from Poysdorf, who is already running the family winery in the 13th generation, lives by the motto “Life is fun”. His wines and wine products are also bursting with joie de vivre: from the classic G’Spritzten to a liaison of wine & tonic and even his own perfume (!), everything is included. Now, in addition to the new Poy-Secco Feel Greener, anno1555 also presents a fortified wine in two varieties.


Crazy about Poy-Secco! In addition to the popular Poy-Secco varieties Ooh LaLa, Pur Pink & Co., Werner Hauser has created another, particularly fresh Secco that exudes (its) unmistakable cheerfulness and makes all worries fade away with every bubbling sip: the Poy-Secco Feel Greener. With Grüner Veltliner as the base, and added carbonic acid as the freestyle, this Frizzante of the 2021 vintage tastes fragrant and animating. The added carbonic acid makes the drinking fun to a refreshing aperitif or food companion. Dry and with 10.5% light in alcohol, the “Feel Greener” is the new star in the Secco sky and will accompany its fans for many days and nights – no matter what the season.

“My Poy-Secco Feel Greener comes without Gschisti-Gschasti as a superleiwandes Schluckerl and jumps directly from the bottle into the glass. There’s only one thing left for me to say: cheers!” says Werner Hauser about his latest creation.

The Poy-Secco “Feel Greener” is available for EUR 8.20 at


The Mediterranean region and Werner Hauser share a valuable philosophical attitude: life is beautiful! Also known as “Bella Vita” and “Joie de Vivre”. Fittingly, the new liqueur wine “SWEETHAUS” is now available in two varieties.


“SWEETHAUS WHITE” is not only suitable as a sweet finish after a meal, but also – as in the Mediterranean – excellent as an aperitif. Alternatively, it can be spritzed with tonic water, in which case it is wonderfully refreshing,” explains Werner Hauser.

The white liqueur wine from anno1555 is made from noble sweet grapes. These remain hanging on the vine longer, and begin to dry naturally. Thus, the sweetness of the fruit concentrates by itself. Instead of brandy, this delicious sweet wine was refined with the historic stock of apricot schnapps of the Hauser winery, which was already prepared 40 years ago by Werner Hauser’s father. The SWEETHAUS WHITE comes unfiltered and naturally into the bottle. The result is a fruity sweet wine that tastes of warmth, summer and local apricot.

anno1555 - Sweethaus


“SWEETHAUS RED is the rounded conclusion after a successful meal. Matched with dessert or coffee, its strong, fruity, woody aroma flatters the palate,” says Werner Hauser about his red sweet wine.

The special way of producing fortified wine was discovered by monks as early as the 11th century. Due to a hygienic necessity, the prepared wine – in the case of SWEETHAUS RED with sweet red grapes and barrique red wine – had to ferment naturally. This fermentation process is stopped by adding brandy. After a few years of aging in wooden barrels, the sweet wine acquires a soft, full-bodied and strong taste.

The liqueur wines “SWEETHAUS WHITE” and “SWEETHAUS RED” are available for EUR 29.90 at

About anno1555

anno1555 is the new umbrella and lifestyle brand of the Hauser winery in Poysdorf. With the new brand and concept store, traditional winemaker Werner Hauser unites his three innovative product pillars under one roof. Since the year of birth of the winery “anno1555”, the vineyards of the estate are distributed around the wine town of Poysdorf. Today, the Hauser winery stands for a fine range of traditional wines – in addition, it is known for its creative approach when it comes to creating innovations. Thus, the traditional “Hauser Wine”, the inspiring Verjus Sprizz “Jus(t)” and the new, sensual vine blossom perfume “GESCHEIN” are now united online, under one roof of the new lifestyle brand.

Photos: KR8 Bureau, Clemens Schneider