Vitamin Shots from Funky Staff

Would you like a little more? The bright colors and fun prints from Funky Staff are a real “vitamin boost”. They let our serotonin level shoot steeply up and bring us with a smile over the last cold days.

Funky Staff, the cool label from Frankfurt, creates a good mood with its colorful and playful Designs. Everything can be combined with everything and inspires your own creativity. It goes without saying that the focus is always on quality. Thumbs up for so much funkyness!

Funky Hats & Caps 

“You can leave your hat on” … the colorful hats and caps from Funky Staff set bold accents. Variety is a top priority for the trend label: Whether it’s a stylish bucket hat or a cool baseball cap, it has to be colorful. So the spring sun can come too.

FUNKY_CAP is a brand of the funky_care company based in Frankfurt. The founders are the entrepreneurial couple Kerstin and Uwe Bernecker, who have already struck a chord with the Made in Italy collection FUNKY STAFF. The group of companies is rounded off by a logistics service provider called LOG_FASH and its own software SWIPE&FIND, which enables FUNKY STAFF and FUNKY_CAP retailers to fully participate in the brand’s online sales.

Uwe Bernecker has already received the “German Brand Award” for his great commitment to the retail sector – for the campaign “Wir machen AUF_merksam”, which raised awareness of the problems of closed trade during the Corona lockdowns.

All companies stand for a relationship based on partnership throughout the entire value chain. Fair and social working conditions, sustainable production and innovative concepts are the values on which the Bernecker couple base their companies. Numerous prominent figureheads as well as retailers throughout the German-speaking world are enthusiastic about this path