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Healthy skin affects your well-being, your emotions and how you feel. Healthy skin helps you to be confident and self-assured. Only healthy skin can feel Skin Happiness. When you are happy, you automatically smile and your beauty comes out even more. Your face is radiant and you love it. Happy skin thus contributes a great deal to your overall well-being. In order to keep your skin happy and healthy, daily and careful care of your largest sensory organ is a must. There are many simple things you can do to make your skin glow.

About fasting trends, detox and proper skin care

Since the Stone Age, the human metabolism has been adapted to fasting or intermittent fasting. If food was available in sufficient quantities, our ancestors ate in abundance. In times of food shortage due to periods of drought, etc., however, the stomach often remained empty for several hours or days.

We humans have thus always been accustomed to phases of reduced food intake. Phases of fasting and inner contemplation are also anchored in many religions. Especially in the age of abundance, we should also fast and detoxify our bodies regularly nowadays. There are a variety of options, such as therapeutic fasting, alkaline fasting or a detox purification cure.

What does Detox mean?

The term “detox” is derived from the English word “detoxification”, which means to relieve the body of harmful environmental influences and the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The approaches vary. They range from avoiding sugary and fatty, highly processed and animal products to the intake of purely liquid food in the form of juices, soups, smoothies and teas. Alcohol, smoking, air pollution or stress are also factors that need to be reduced in the course of a purification cure.

Trend Interval Fasting

In recent years, interval fasting is becoming increasingly popular due to numerous positive effects. Here, a distinction is made between different variants:

  • 16:8 method: Food intake is completely avoided for 16 hours. In the following eight hours, meals can be consumed as usual.
  • 5:2 method: Five days a week are spent eating normally, and on two days (relief days) food intake is severely restricted or suspended.
  • Alternating/intermittent fasting: In this variant, fasting is alternated on one day and unrestricted eating on one day

What does fasting do?

All these methods aim to detoxify the body and free it from unnecessary ballast. The excretory organs can thus be relieved and waste products removed. Fasting leads to valuable biochemical changes in the body, such as improved sugar and fat metabolism: for example, substances are released that can inhibit inflammation in the body.

The liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs are considered the most important detoxification organs. Reduced food intake as well as abstaining from specific foods can do a lot of good in the body:

According to studies, regular interval fasting can alleviate diabetes type 2 symptoms and produce an anti-aging effect by means of autophagy. This process occurs after about 12 to 16 hours of abstaining from food and activates a self-cleansing process in our cells.

Skin care – the ideal complement to your fasting cure

To support the detoxification and purification processes of the body from the outside, Vinoble recommends liver wraps and special detox body treatments. You can enjoy these at partner establishments with a special detox focus, such as the Vinoble Day Spa, VivaMayr Maria Wörth or la pura women’s health resort.

The VINOBLE COSMETICS Detox Set is ideal for home use:  

Detox Set

The salt & grape seed peeling contained in it has a stimulating effect, promotes blood circulation and gently removes dead skin cells. In combination with the detoxifying body oil, it helps the skin to detoxify and purify. The hydrating body cream in the practical 200 ml special size has a skin-regenerating and moisturizing effect. Valuable antioxidants protect the skin from negative environmental influences.

The result

After a fasting cure, many people report increased vitality, a radiant complexion and a greater sense of well-being in their own bodies. Most feel as if they have been reborn and often the fasting cure is also accompanied by weight loss. Overall, rejuvenating and health-promoting effects are also reported.

Important note: Please perform the mentioned detox cures and fasting cures only after consulting your doctor. No liability is assumed here for the possible effects or undesirable side effects.