UCON ACROBATICS: From textile waste to trendsetter

In a world where the fashion industry is facing a huge waste problem, Berlin-based label Ucon Acrobatics has come up with a groundbreaking solution. This fall, the company proudly presented one of the world’s first collections of bags and backpacks made primarily from recycled textiles. A step that not only redefines the boundaries of sustainable fashion, but also paves the way for circular production.

Die Herausforderung als Chance

Ucon Acrobatics has made it its mission to tackle the massive waste problem in the textile industry. With the introduction of the “Lotus Infinity” series, the label is focusing on recycling textile waste to the greatest possible extent. Each backpack consists of approximately 850g of recycled textile (82% used clothing, 18% industrial waste), which not only represents a significant step towards a circular economy, but also contributes to the reduction of global carbon emissions. The ultimate goal of Ucon Acrobatics is the circularity of its products. The “Lotus Infinity” series is the first step, and the company plans to convert its entire production by 2024. This visionary step could trigger a change in the entire industry and shows that the circular economy is not only a necessity, but also an opportunity.

Rethinking sustainability

Ucon Acrobatics goes one step further than conventional recycling approaches. Instead of using recycled PET bottles, the label relies on an innovative chemical recycling process for textile waste. This approach not only enables a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester, but also an impressive recycling rate of 60% to 90%, depending on the product and series.

Longevity and reduced ecological footprint

The “Lotus Infinity” series not only sets new standards in terms of recycling, but also impresses with its durability. With the specially developed material “PUrTEX∞”, Ucon Acrobatics has succeeded in significantly extending the useful life of the backpacks. The spun-dyeing process not only reduces water consumption by up to 90%, but also significantly minimizes the use of chemicals and CO2 emissions.

With the “Lotus Infinity” series, Ucon Acrobatics proves that sustainable fashion is more than just a trend – it’s a commitment. By using recycled textiles and innovative manufacturing processes, the company is setting new standards for the entire bag industry. The vision of a world in which waste is no longer wasted but put to valuable use could become a tangible change through Ucon Acrobatics. The label sees the circular economy not only as a challenge, but above all as an opportunity for a more sustainable future.