2 LAPALMA Stools inspired bay the japanese art of folding paper

Origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to make countless shapes, shows us how many masterpieces can be created with a sheet of paper. The same poetic approach has led to the creation of two seats by Lapalma – a brand must have and a recent release – which draw their inspiration from it.

“If paper were patient, it would wait for a masterpiece.”

Stanisław Jerzy Lec

A tribute to the origami tradition AP,  the stool designed in 2010 by Shin Azumi, has been created by folding a sheet of wood. And just as the hands discover the endless shapes offered by paper and imagines animals, figures and stars, the AP profile surprises us with each one of its angles. The chair has a powerful graphic appeal. Its lightness is a flight of butterflies.

Designed to be stackable, it is extremely light and surprisingly comfortable. Ideal as a stackable stool for informal meetings and coworking spaces, it is equally comfortable as a seat for design restaurants and as a sculpture in a modern living room.

When objects are born playing, they always have something extra. A freshness, a spontaneity, that certain something. Playing with a piece of paper, folding it according to the principles of origami, Mario Ferrarini has created a stool of extreme originality and versatility, which elegantly expands the Lapalma collection.

KAMI, Japanese for ‘sheet of paper’, is a form of pure seduction that combines fantasy and functionality, softness, resistance and comfort. The raw material is plywood that meekly follows the lines of the design and its three-dimensional realisation. The opening in the centre, which during moulding allows for the folding and counter- folding of the seat and legs, becomes a comfortable grip and emphasises the welcoming ‘cradle’ profile.

Easily stackable, KAMI follows us everywhere like a notebook in which to jot down moments of relaxation and creativity every day.

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