THE Stylemate Issue 01|2023: Clarity

Hot off the press! – The latest issue of THE Stylemate is dedicated to the theme of “Clarity”.

What is worth striving for? Success, power, happiness, love, recognition? Love, for sure, and probably happiness as well. But why not also strive for clarity? In our increasingly complicated world, having an unclouded view of things is a huge advantage. We need to learn to understand relationships in a new way –and increase what wedemand of everyone. Life is becoming more and more complex, so it’s good to have a clear head. To be able to speak usingclear language. But also to be clear about what we want.

The Stylemate - Cover - Clearity - Kelly Wearstler

Coverstory – Clarity

What is the most valuable assetin the world? Your own well-being. And that’s not an exaggeration.Because whenyou start prioritising your well-being, everything in your life will change for the better. Don’t believe that? Then you should take note of our podcast tips.

Kelly Wearstler – An icon

Kelly Wearstler is an American designer with her own design studio who creates diverse and experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments, as well as an extensive collection of lifestyle product designs.

Lifestylehotels Selection

Also in this issue, we invite you to escape everyday life for a moment and be inspired by the unique places, people and stories of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS™ .


Ten years ago, product design studio 13&9 Design initiated a collaboration between design, science and art for the first time at New York Design Week, with the intention of finding new creative solutions through a holistic, transdisciplinary approach. 13&9 Design works on projects around the world and was founded in Graz by architects Martin Lesjak (co-founder and managing director of architectural firm INNOCAD) and Dr. Anastasija Lesjak. The team creates collections of products in collaboration with specialist partners – all the way from concept through to production – in the fields of lighting, furniture, floor coverings, accessories, exhibitions and sound design, and also has its own label. On the occasion of their anniversary, the founders take a look back at the creative process and their diverse projects.

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