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The Stylemate

There has been a lot of discussion since AI was made available to everyone in the form of ChatGPT and Midjourney. Is AI intelligent? Have people had their time as a thinking, creative being? What is authentically experienced and felt, and what is just simulated? And how can we tell the difference? Many questions that inspired us to dedicate the latest issue of Stylemate to the topic of AI.

Philosopher and literary scholar Hannes Bajohr said in an SFR discussion group that you can’t even vaguely compare ChatGPT with human intelligence. It has no body, it doesn’t live in a world and it doesn’t communicate with people in the way we do. We’re watching a system producing text. As Bajohr puts it: “That means we are dealing with an automated bullshit machine.” The technical term “bullshit” can be traced back to philosopher Harry Frankfurt. He uses it to describe a type of communication that primarily entails feigning something akin to competence without the willingness to interact. And it doesn’t need to be.

We believe that artificial intelligence can support us in tasks and activities. It can help us, in the best case, take away something that costs us time, in other words, move us forward faster. It is able to design beautiful, fantastic buildings, as our architecture story shows. It can entertain us and encourage us to try and “play”. That’s what we did in this issue, too. We’ve been exploring, playing and experimenting with AI.


28 pages full of inspiration from around the world for an aesthetic and mindful lifestyle….

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