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It splashes, gurgles and rushes in the Tauferer Ahrntal: the circular Eco-Aparthotel is built very close to the water and, like its South Tyrolean surroundings, is strongly connected to the elixir of life.

At the water

The river that rises at the northernmost point of the country in the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park is as beautiful as its Italian name. Aurino, or Ahr in German, meanders picturesquely through the South Tyrolean mountains and is sometimes wild, sometimes quiet. The landscape through which it flows is characterised by high peaks, deep green forests and lush meadows. Numerous rare plants and animals feel at home here in the Ahrauen. Hikers enjoy the healing powers of the water on the Kneipp health trails. And somewhere between Mühlen in Taufers and Uttenheim, the Aurino flows past a mountain pasture with a circular building that is also very fond of the water.

Let yourself drift

We are talking about the OLM Nature Escape eco-aparthotel. Once you have been welcomed into the circle of the ring-shaped house, you don’t really want to leave. It is an oasis of calm where you can let yourself drift wonderfully. Whether you go into the water or not is up to you. Those who opt for the first option have all kinds of opportunities to get in touch with the element.

Just swim

The circular building encloses a wild garden with two swimming options and mystical water vapours. A natural bathing pond for a cool dip is combined here with a 25 metre long heated sports pool, which merges seamlessly into an indoor pool. There is an exhilarating splash along a large wall and a Kneipp path for energising water treading.

Elixir of life

Drinking the water is also an obvious choice. Especially when it is as fresh as it is here. Whether sparkling or natural, the healthy spring water is offered to guests throughout the hotel. At PRENN°, OLM’s culinary centre, water-based aperitifs are also served. How about a glass of Berta made from pear, elderberry, mountain blossom, camomile, hay schnapps & prosecco with an essence of organic bergamot?

Water adventures

Would you like a little more? If you still haven’t had enough of the topic, you could take a closer look at the wonderful surroundings. The OLM Nature Escape also reveals the best Kneipp trails, the most adventurous white water tours, the most exciting glacier routes and the most beautiful waterfalls.

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photocredits: OLM (Hannes Niederkofler, Manuel Kottersteger); Unsplash (Matteo Badini, Fabrizio Coco, Matpaga, Bob Raw)