The Eisenberg Saga: the interactive wine tasting – 7-16 May


Already seen every series and every film? So here’s the solution: The Eisenberg Saga. This is the perfect way to bridge the last days of lockdown. Toast together with the winemakers of the Eisenberg and taste their favourite & most multi-faceted wines instead of streaming Netflix. You could say that this is how streaming is perfected – interactively and – as it should be – with wine!

The Eisenberg’s leading wineries invite you to a virtual tasting from 7 to 16 May – each with its own timeslot. A maximum of 20 guests can participate in each session and taste three wines together with the winemaker. The tasting lasts about 45 minutes, depending on how actively the guests participate in the tasting.

The places can be booked now. To ensure that the tasting package arrives on time, the deadline for orders is always three days before the respective tasting. Participation costs 45 euros, the three wines and their shipping are included in the price.

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Friday, 7 May at 5 pm
Weingut Straka


The vines of the winery are up to 80 years old, from whose grapes winemaker Thomas Straka vinifies sophisticated wines. In a skilful interplay of tradition and modernity, the winemaker knows how to vinify expressive wines of origin from the green slate soils that are as uncompromising as the winemaker himself.

  • Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Rechnitz 2017 Eisenberg Reserve (BF)
  • Alte Reben weiss 2018

Friday, 7 May at 7 pm
Weingut Weber Martina

Gut feeling makes the difference

The respectful interaction between young and old creates a healthy tension and liveliness – which is also wonderfully noticeable in the wines. Through “down-to-earth” work in the vineyard and with a good portion of gut feeling, the characteristics of each wine year are captured.

  • Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Eisenberg Reserve 2018 Centauros (BF)
  • Cuvée Vìnea 2018

Saturday, 8 May at 5 pm
Weingut Rosner Unger

Small and extra fine

The winery is idyllically situated amidst the vineyards of Deutsch Schützen, where Gerhard and Eva cherish and care for every single vine. Responsible interaction with nature, gentle manual work and the highest quality standards are a matter of course for the winegrowing family.

  • Eisenberg Reserve 2017 (BF)
  • Eisenberg Reserve 2018 (BF)
  • Symphonie Blaufränkisch 2015

Saturday, 8 May at 7 pm
Weingut Weber Herbert and Martina

With respect, passion and joy

Always focusing on the typical mineral and spicy character of the wines and the individuality of each vineyard, Martina and Herbert Weber work with great care in their vineyards. The multifaceted Blaufränkisch assortment ranges from the “sensory flatterer” Ried Fasching with surprising opulence, to the Ried Reihburg with exciting complexity.

  • Ried Reihburg Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Ried Fasching Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Merlot 2017

Sunday, 9 May at 5 pm
Weingut Krutzler

Blaufränkisch Pioneers

The Krutzler winery is considered a pioneer in the Austrian red wine scene. Every wine from Krutzler strives for elegance: the typical, strong tannin structure of Blaufränkisch wines with the fruity aromatics of the variety and the finesse-rich minerality of the slate soils. Eisenberg in perfection!

  • Gemischter Satz 2019
  • Eisenberg 2019 (BF)
  • Perwolff 2018 (BF)

Sunday, 9 May at 7 pm
Weingut Batthyany

Nobility obliges

Since 2015, Count Ivan Batthyány has been reviving the more than 400-year-old family tradition in Rechnitz and has been cultivating a selection of grape varieties with a clear focus on Blaufränkisch on the primary rock soils at the foot of the Geschriebenstein in accordance with biodynamic principles since 2017. In harmony with nature and its inhabitants, wines of the highest quality are vinified here.

  • Eisenberg 2019 (BF)
  • Bellalou 2020 (Weißwein)
  • Rote Cuvée 2019

Wednesday, 12 May at 5 pm
Weingut Staphano

Liquid terroir in the glass

Stephan Oberpfalzer focuses on low yields and high quality from vines that are as old as possible. It is particularly important to him that his wines express their classic origin characteristics – and for this, the career changer, who is not influenced by tradition, likes to use extravagant methods from time to time to give even more expression to the inherent minerality of his wines.

  • juno GV 2017
  • trinculo Eisenberg 2017 (BF)
  • Ried Fasching Eisenberg Reserve 2017 (BF)

Wednesday, 12 May at 7 pm
Weingut Jalits

The innovative traditionalist

Mathias Jalits loves to authentically bring out the different soil types with the sensitive grape variety Blaufränkisch. With a fine blade, he improves on the tried and tested, keeping the typicality of the origin and the strengths of his home region firmly in mind. The result is, among other things, the extremely characterful Blaufränkisch from the Szapary vineyard. The most powerful barrels are blended into a cuvée with the resonant name Diabas.

  • Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Ried Szapary Eisenberg Reserve 2017 (BF)
  • Diabas Eisenberg Reserve 2017 (BF)

Thursday, 13 May at 5 pm
Weingut Hafner

Blaufränkisch love

Sylvia and Clemens Hafner cultivate around two hectares of vineyards in the Szapary and Paigl vineyards and in the Ried Weinberg in Deutsch Schützen. With their experiences and impressions from all over the world, the well-travelled duo realised that Blaufränkisch in their homeland is capable of producing a style that is particularly full of character, and thus quickly advanced to become their favourite grape variety.

  • Welschriesling 2020
  • Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Jancsch Eisenberg Reserve 2018 (BF)

Thursday, 13 May at 7 pm
Weingut Schützenhof

Hocus pocus! Or not?

Markus Faulhammer is considered the “enfant terrible of the Eisenberg”. But what seems a bit crazy at first glance is actually a well-considered, uncompromising winemaking philosophy, coupled with a great deal of humour and joy in being a winemaker. “There’s no mumbo jumbo here,” he says, by which he means that he builds on the well-founded knowledge of no less than seven generations.

  • Funkelbunt
  • Eisenberg Blaufränkisch Pur 2018
  • Ried Szapary Eisenberg Reserve 2018 (BF)

Saturday, 15 May at 5 pm
Weingut Stubits Harmisch

The island of the blessed

Kathrin and Rainer Stubits live at the foot of the Csaterberg, an idyllically situated “wine island” surrounded by high forests. Every day they are out and about among their vines. This takes a lot of time, because the Csaterberg is structured in extremely small parcels. But the effort is worth it, because it is a very special terroir that they uncompromisingly bring into the bottle.

  • Csaterberg 2019 (Welschriesling)
  • Harmisch 2018 (BF)
  • Ried Kleincsater 2018 (BF)

Saturday, 15 May at 7 pm
Weingut Wachter Wiesler

A sure instinct

You either have it or you don’t – He clearly has it: Christoph Wachter has a feeling for making wine. He is uncompromisingly dedicated to the soils and his queen, the Blaufränkisch grape variety, which results in Wachter-Wiesler wines that are always distinguished by their light-footed elegance, liveliness, plenty of mineral freshness and a finesse-rich acidity.

  • Béla-Jóska Eisenberg 2018 BIO (BF)
  • Deutsch Schützen Eisenberg Reserve 2018 BIO (BF)
  • Eisenberg Reserve 2018 BIO (BF)

Sunday, 16 May at 5 pm
Weingut Grosz

That’s where Groszs comes in

Andreas Grosz is not unknown – in 2017 he emerged as the winner of the TV competition “Austria’s next Top Winemaker” with his expressive Blaufränkisch wines. He works extremely close to nature and intervenes as little as possible in the winemaking process. This gives his wines the opportunity to develop their unique character.

  • Weißburgunder 2020
  • Eisenberg 2018 (BF)
  • Eisenberg Reserve 2017 (BF)

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