The Boro collection by Crucial Detail: serve in style

The Boro Collection

The Boro collection by Crucial Detail explores light, transparency and playful interactions. Made of low-expansion glass, it can withstand thermal shock ranging from freezing cold to extreme heat.

Designer Martin Kastner chose to focus on asymmetry, which was also the main sticking point when it came to looking for manufacturers. Crucial Detail ended up developing its own proprietary flame forming technique that enables a clean, perfectly fluid transition between the flat plane and a bowl.

The Boro bowls are all individually flame-formed and annealed, one at a time, to create a stunning and innovative serving solution for both hot and cold food.

Available in three different diameters, the unique design allows for immense creativity in the plating and presentation of your culinary delights, no matter whether it’s a flambé starter or a frozen dessert.

The Boro collection

The Boro collection

Boro 15cm hospitality
Boro 20cm hospitality
Boro 25cm hospitality
from € 54

Photos: Lara Kastner