Traditional viticulture between Leithagebirge and Neusiedlersee

Purbach on Lake Neusiedl is the home of Strommer Wein. In the middle of the Purbacher Kellergasse, they process the grapes harvested by hand in the newly built winery. The vineyards are located along the Leitha Mountains and the western shore of Lake Neusiedl.

The soils of the vineyards on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains are characterized by shell limestone and slate, while in contrast the vineyards at the foot of the slopes of the Leitha Mountains have a higher clay content. The unique and mild climate of the region around Lake Neusiedl and the different soil conditions shape the taste of the unique wines. This diversity is also reflected in the extensive range of varieties.

A successful lateral entry

Many have already tried their hand as amateur winemakers. But only a few manage the total lateral entry. Who are the people who traded their original careers for a few vineyards?

The trained locksmith Robert Strommer had enough of steel and iron at some point. Inspired by convivial and instructive evenings in his uncle’s wine cellar, the idea of pressing his own wine was born. So it happened that in the early 90s he curiously took over the sideline business of his parents. Supported by the help of his master teacher, his second cuvee already achieved a gold medal at the Burgenland wine awards. Confirmed by further awards, the idea arose to bring the homegrown wine over a Heurigen to the man and to the woman. After three years of restoration, the Kellerschenke Strommer was opened in 1998. Within a short period of time it enjoyed great popularity and revitalized the historic Kellergasse in Purbach am Neusiedlersee. Robert’s final metamorphosis from locksmith to winemaker and Heurigenwirt was completed at the beginning of the new millennium, when Robert quit his job as an industrial locksmith at the beginning of 2000 and, together with his wife Walpurga, invested in the further expansion of the wine and Heurigen business.

Meanwhile, Thomas had more important things to do than take care of his parents’ viticulture and Heurigen. After his last year of compulsory schooling at the agricultural college and an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, he spent most of his free time at reggae, goa and drum n’ bass festivals. He wore his dreadlocks and piercings with conviction and, together with his dog Rasta, lived the chilled spirit of a dancehall caballero. No one would have thought it possible at the time that just two years later he would follow in his parents’ footsteps with full swing and vigor.

In the meantime, Thomas, together with his partner Tina and whirlwind Aimee, has taken over the business from Robert and Purgi. With the support of mastermind Robert, they partner traditional viticulture with new creative marketing ideas and convince at national and international events with their wines produced with passion and love. Projects such as the reconstruction of the winery, the restoration of the barrique cellar and the conversion from mechanical to a higher quality manual and more gentle grape processing have already been realized. It is certain that work will continue in the future on new ideas, even higher quality standards and broader investments. A truly successful lateral entry!