STILLSEGLER, Vienna/Salzbug/Traunsee: tradition, craft & style


Stillsegler – a business concept of a special kind.
A brand that combines tradition, craftsmanship as well as style and stands for high quality home and fashion accessories with great attention to detail.

Stillsegler Wien
behind the listed Loos facade in the first district of Vienna, Photo:

Stillsegler–as the name suggests, behind Franz Eisl’s unique concept lies the philosophy of time. Time is something rare and precious in our society, where one high-tech advance chases the next. However, not in the three shops of the Upper Austrian entrepreneur Franz Eisl, whose stores invite you to linger and enjoy the beauty of things in peace.


Origin is everything.
The ideology around Stillsegler was born on the beautiful Traunsee, but is produced mainly in selected craft enterprises in Europe.

Long-term, well-cultivated relationships with various family businesses, all specialists in their trades, allow for an exceptional range of products at the highest level of craftsmanship,

says Stillsegler owner, Franz Eisl.

Quality before quantity.
Not only the selection of products is based on style and highest quality, also the locations of the brand show history. A varied, hand-selected selection of fashion and home accessories is hidden behind the listed Loos facade in Vienna’s first district. In Salzburg, Stillsegler is located in the Arthotel Blaue Gans opposite the historic Pferdeschwemme, and on Lake Traunsee the brand resides in a former turnery in Traunkirchen – definitely worth a visit.

Stillsegler Salzburg
located in the Arthotel Blaue Gans opposite the historic Pferdeschwemme, Photo:

Handicraft rich in tradition.
With the quote “It is not in the nature of the hand to do nothing.” (Konrad Paul Liessmann), the first glance at the online shop also reinforces the brand’s philosophy. Thus, objects partly reflect centuries-old traditions, such as the timeless cape Antonia made of Bavarian loden, sewn in a contract tailor shop in Vulkanland.

Twice a year to match the season, a part of the products is newly arranged. A classic in the assortment are the mouth-blown Nuppen glasses in various colors. Franz Eisl has a long-standing relationship with glassworks in Bohemia, which produce not only Nuppen glasses for the label, but also Adonis drinking cups, Berta liqueur glasses or drinking glasses hand-painted with hunting motifs.

In addition to an exceptional selection of glass, Stillsegler also takes on other Living accessories. The Pagnotta bread pots, handmade in Austria ensure a longer shelf life for all types of bread and the leather baskets from Spain add that extra touch to any living room. In the Christmas season Stillsegler offers special things like the original and functional Christmas tree cover made of flame-retardant loden, sugar bowls made of cinnamon bark and hand-blown Christmas tree balls in modern colors from Murano.

Tradition meets modernity.
A place that combines traditions, solid craftsmanship and modern design and exerts fascination. The land of Stillsegler meets the ravages of time, local and national family businesses produce pieces by hand with attention to detail.

Seen in this light, the pursuit of authenticity can certainly also be interpreted as food for joy.

Photos: Stillsegler

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