PLAY NOW – 18 DECEMBER: Cherry Punk is a non-conformist fragrance inspired by the punk movement in the mid-70s. The fragrance skilfully plays with the clichés of punk and combines cherry with spices, floral nuances and an intense black leather accord. Rebellious and provocative, this fragrance transports us to the wild and creative times of Blondie, the Ramones and the Pistols. “Don’t you mind the shit!”

Sale Marino

100 ml Eau de Parfum by Wiener Blut 

When the Bora wind whips the black waters of the Quarnero, a fresh, salty mist engulfs the Coast of Laurels, the grand riviera of Imperial Austria.


100 ml Eau de Parfum by Room 1015

Hollyrose is inspired by the rock’n’roll culture of California in the 70s. In those early years, the artists weren’t seen without their groupies. Groupies became a part of the rich rock and roll culture.

Sigmund Freud saw dreams as puzzling enactments of our subconscious that allow our repressed wishes, anxieties and passions to be brought to life. He also recognised in them all the characteristics of fully fledged psychosis, including mania and hallucinations. Nevertheless, he was convinced that dreams have meaning and considered them to be the “royal road to the unconscious” …

Summer has arrived, and with it a longyearned- for slice of freedom. There are times when it feels like it was “before”. Then you start getting a bit nostalgic. Somehow, you can’t stop yourself from thinking about it. There doesn’t seem to be an innocent light-heartedness anymore. We also have these thoughts, and it’s this “contemplation” that we’ve devoted this issue to …