“NOŪS: A symbiosis of tradition and modernity in Santorini”

The fascinating island of Santorini, characterised by its rich history and breathtaking rocky landscape, is home to a jewel of modern architecture and contemporary art – the NOŪS. This unique hotel combines traditional elements with a modern concept to offer its guests an unrivalled experience.

Architecture and design

The NOŪS follows the natural course of Santorini’s traditional architecture, with all suites and rooms harmoniously embedded in the surrounding rocky landscape. The materials, styles and textures that have been found on the island for centuries are skilfully integrated into the modern concept. The colour palette of the rooms and foyer is inspired by the world-famous murals of the Akrotiri excavations, creating a link between the history of the island and the architecture of the hotel.

Art and design

NOŪS is characterised by the integration of art and design everywhere. An impressive collection of contemporary Greek art by 12 artists adorns the suites, rooms and communal areas. Combined with design icons such as Doshi & Levien, Konstantin Grcic and Faye Toogood, the result is a captivating atmosphere that invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and sophistication.

A new destination

With a total of 119 modern rooms, most of which have their own pool and/or private garden, the NOŪS offers exclusive accommodation. The generously designed bungalows, suites and rooms are surrounded by green oases and blend in perfectly with the impressive volcanic landscape.

Culinary diversity

NOŪS not only focuses on a visual experience, but also pampers the palates of its guests. In the NOÛS Pool Restaurant, traditional dishes are prepared fresh and modern, an art that is effortlessly mastered here. As a new culinary destination, the recently opened ELIO’S Italian American Chophouse delights with a menu inspired by the streets of Little Italy in New York. It combines the best ingredients from the island of Santorini and the Cyclades Islands to create a unique culinary experience.

Spa and wellness oasis

For guests looking for complete relaxation, the NOŪS offers an impressive spa experience. With a total of 5 therapy rooms offering various treatments, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, a sauna, a steam room and an outdoor yoga area, the spa leaves nothing to be desired. Guests have the option to refuel at the vitamin bar or enjoy a light salad or snack to complete their spa experience.


The NOŪS on Santorini presents itself as a harmonious symbiosis of tradition and modernity. From the architecture, art and design to the culinary diversity, this unique resort offers its guests an unforgettable journey through the history and culture of this fascinating island.

YES! Hotel Group and NOŪS: Hospitality reimagined: The NOŪS Resort completes the portfolio of the renowned Yes! Hotel Group portfolio. The basic principles of the group, Young, Enthusiastic, Seductive, are reflected in NOŪS. The hotel is characterised by its original design, contemporary art, modern architecture, innovative cuisine and personalised service for its guests, making it a unique address.