Naked Kitchen: International KulinARTE & Entertainment unleashes the magic of Christmas

Naked Kitchen

After almost a decade of culinary adventures with the successful pop-up concept “Naked Kitchen”, renowned professional restaurateur Nicolai Reimond returns with his new partner Igor Shadee Kölblinger, an expert in art and marketing, and star artist Coco Wasabi. Together, they are presenting a brand new concept that unites art, cuisine and entertainment in a unique way, starting in Vienna and moving on to Miami and New York via Munich in 2024.

“WoW!” – A surreal evening with unexpected guests

WoW! promises an abstract, extravagant and theatrically staged dinner experience, comparable to the legendary “dîner des têtes surréalistes” of the 1970s in Paris. Inspired by an era of creative freedom, WoW! is a deliberate challenge to culinary and cultural norms.

The first WoW! event will take place on December 8 and 9 in Vienna at an exclusive, still secret location, which guests will only find out about shortly before the dinner. Limited all-inclusive tickets with several menu courses and drinks are available now. Professional restaurateur Reimond and his team promise a night full of delights at Michelin-star level to kick things off with starting chef Gregor Vracko and his gang from the renowned Haus Denk in Slovenia.

WoW! is not just a dinner event; it’s a wild fusion of culinary, art and entertainment that sends all the senses on a rollercoaster ride.

Viennese artist Coco Wasabi gives not only the rooms but also the tables an extra dose of style, with works of art by local talents and digital masterpieces.

Where art and gastronomy dance in perfect harmony…

Art, music and culinary delights merge to create an impressive show that will take guests’ breath away. Coco Wasabi not only stages rooms, but also creates a visual symphony, while at the WoW! premiere, Gregor Vracko will pamper the guests’ taste buds. The show acts are not staged numbers, but a mixture of live music, DJs, dance and acrobatics.

It´s a social affair!

After dinner, WoW! becomes a hip social hub, a place where the night really begins. Local artists and DJs get the dance floor shaking, while surprising live music acts take the atmosphere to a whole new level.

The bar serves exotic drinks and the event continues into the early hours of the morning. In the midst of urban flair, WoW! becomes a modern, urban and cool experience – more than just a dinner, it’s a journey through the senses.

Guests who only want to go to the social can reserve a ticket at “”.

About Naked Kitchen

Whether innovative street food, elegant gala menus, casual flying dinners or exciting live cooking – as a true foodie and founder of the Naked Kitchen pop-up event series, Nicolai Reimond not only wants to meet his guests’ expectations, he wants to exceed them. With culinary concepts that impress, service that delights and a portfolio of star chefs. WoW! is moving on from Vienna to Munich, Miami and New York with its wandering restaurant concept.

About Igor “Shadee” Kölblinger

Musician, artist, marketing expert Igor “Shadee” Kölblingermit advises clients from business, technology and lifestyle with his agency idols & brands to implement contemporary culturally relevant strategies to activate new target groups. In Vienna, he accompanied the Motto Group as Head of Marketing for 2 years and launched the brands Hotel Motto, Chez Bernard and Motto Brot, among others.

About Coco Wasabi

Coco is a contemporary artist from Austria and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her unique style always consists of collages, which she creates from her extensive collection of selected photographs and drawings from around the world. She draws ideas for her works from different eras of art history and liberates the found materials from original conventions. She combines them in an unbiased way to create confrontations and a new discourse.