“Hoffmann Bangle” by My Magpie: Printed Art Nouveau

3D printing meets Wiener Moderne. Up-and-coming jewellery brand My Magpie is reinterpreting the style of Viennese art nouveau.

The super-light artistic creations are made out of flexible 3D-printed polyamide with sterling silver findings. The simple elegance of the Hoffmann bangle is inspired by the famous “Sitzmaschine” chair, model 670 by Josef Hoffmann. Through his creations, the Viennese architect, who this year would be celebrating his 150th birthday, encouraged the unity of form and function. It’s a real eye-catcher for any wrist.

MY MAGPIE is a young Austrian jewellery design label, founded by Stefanie Klausegger in 2017. In her jewellery, the industrial designer combines the aesthetic of Wiener Moderne with 3D printing technology. Her inspirations are architectural elements, as well as furniture and cloth patterns of the Viennese Jugendstil, which give each piece its very own history of origin. The items are designed to be comfortable and nearly imperceptible to wear. Their flexibility and comfort will make them beloved daily companions. Her latest collection contains minimalist, distinctive creations for women and men.

The jewellery is manufactured from 925 sterling silver and flexible polyamide. Select pieces are also available in high-quality gold-plating. Laser sintering is used in the fabrication of the synthetic pieces. The benefit of this technique is that there is no unnecessary waste. The unused powder material is recycled and used again in the next printing process. The production of the solid sterling silver pieces combines 3D printing technology with the traditional handicraft of silver casting.

Photos: My Magpie

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