Mogli & Martini: Minimalistic, sustainable and very peri

The Viennese label MOGLI & MARTINI is also fully on trend in 2022. Whether with the Pantone color of the year, the right and sustainable cashmere care for longevity or with the fashion trend Capsule Wardrobe – MOGLI & MARTINI hits the nerve of the time and welcomes the beginning of the year feather-light, extra-warm and minimalist stylish.

It’s a “very peri” world

The Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is titled “Very Peri” and combines the attributes of bold creativity and fantasy in a unique way. Inspired by the trend color of the year, the Lilac and Ultramarine Pieces by MOGLI & MARTINI are also real eye-catchers. Soft lilac reminds of the first flowers of the long-awaited beginning of spring and conjures up a smile not only on the wearer’s face. Whether walking around in the best and fairest cashmere sweater in the world or spending long evenings in the new cuddly cardigan on the couch, with the color lilac you are fully on trend. Pieces in ultramarine pick up on the richer and darker blues of the Pantone color, and the result is reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. At MOGLI & MARTINI ultramarine blue cashmere dreams come true in the form of high-quality and cuddly soft sweaters for her and him.

Longevity through sustainable care

To keep the new favorite piece from MOGLI & MARTINI long-lasting, soft and radiantly beautiful, special care is a real must. Because the finest cashmere needs an extra portion of love and devotion. Wash at 30 degrees in the machine with MOGLI & MARTINI’s exclusive cashmere care. This cashmere detergent concentrate was specially designed for the finest and most precious natural fibers. Made from purely natural substances, it washes particularly gently and at the same time extremely effectively. Especially for natural fibers, the refatting effect of the detergent is particularly valuable. By omitting artificial softeners, bleaching agents and fragrances, the fibers are optimally cared for during washing. The 250ml bottle is sufficient for 12 large machine washes or 25 hand washes.

Each piece of the brand is handmade in Nepal and is therefore particularly valuable and high quality. The quality of MOGLI & MARTINI stands out from other cashmere sweaters because of the special properties and length of the fibers. This is because in Nepal there are temperature fluctuations of up to 70 degrees between summer and winter. The wool of the cashmere goats living there is therefore particularly durable, cuddly soft and comfortably warm. With the right care is ensured for long pleasure.

Sustainability: Simply attractive

Sustainability is a top priority for the young Viennese brand. Therefore, the luxurious basics MOGLI & MARTINI are perfect to integrate a little minimalism in everyday life. True to the motto: less is more. The fashion trend to radically clean out the closet and reduce to a few favorite pieces is called Capsule Wardrobe and is now conquering all closets. The trend was created primarily to counteract the fast pace of life and the resulting increased consumerism of our time. Owning fewer clothes saves time, nerves and is also good for the environment. Only the favorite pieces that can be easily combined may keep their place in the closet. The timeless classics from MOGLI & MARTINI are ideal for this, because they can be combined with lovingly selected colors minimalist well, for every occasion.


The beginning of the extraordinary story of MOGLI & MARTINI started in 2017 with the common vision to bring social responsibility, mutual appreciation and respect back into the textile industry. Founders Andreas De Martini and Gregor W. Köstler create cashmere goods in noble design and outstanding quality. Building on many breathtaking stays in Nepal, the founders produce their creations in direct collaboration and friendly partnership with three highly valued local family businesses. A modern and transparent value chain that in the end benefits the customer also thanks to fair prices. Support for the people from the Himalayan region is an important matter of the heart for the founding duo. Today, as a young Viennese company, MOGLI & MARTINI succeed in combining luxury and sustainability in their cashmere products. Through elegant, clear design and the selection of the highest quality raw materials, the creations of the cashmere label provide special feel-good moments every day. Built on a foundation of fair trade, all-round appreciation and attention to detail.