I am MIA: Bach Flower Essence especially for women // DAY 17

MIA is a vibrational Bach flower essence that can boost your wellbeing, strength and inner peace.

MIA will support you in every situation in life because it is specially blended to meet your needs. It is a daily companion and offers 3 essences that harmonise: LADY MIA – BALANCE MIA – POWER MIA

77.8 % more well-being, strength & inner peace!

You will receive an individual Bach flower mixture made from original Bach flower essences by”Ainsworths”. These are still produced according to the original recipe of Dr. Edward Bach and can thus pursue their effect and develop fully.


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The essence for femininity

Decisiveness. Willpower. Passion.

Die in LADY MIA enthaltene Centaury – Essenz, zählt zu den Bachblüten und unterstützt Sie, Ihre Bedürfnisse zu

The Centaury essence contained in LADY MIA is a Bach flower and supports you in feeling your needs and finding a balance between self-determination and helpfulness in your life roles.

Discover the businesswoman, mum and lover in you. When everyday life knocks on the door and saps your strength, it’s not always easy to think of yourself. LADY MIA is by your side to accompany you bit by bit and supports you in getting back more into your intuition.


The essence for regeneration and creativity

Anti aging from the inside. Let go, process, dream.

The OLIVE essence contained in BALANCE MIA belongs to the Bach Flower Remedies and supports you in your physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.

Good sleep and regeneration are essential for a powerful start to the next day. Your cells and thus your body regenerate during the night. MIA helps you to fall asleep and to let your thoughts run free. To feel good and to be completely with yourself.


The essence for more energy

Energy. Joie de vivre. Lightness.

POWER MIA contains the power of the wild rose.
It awakens your spirits and brings back your lightness and joie de vivre.

Feel your own power and awaken the intrinsic motivation within you. No outside influences can upset you. You are completely with yourself and remain in your lightness, POWER MIA helps you to do this.

About I am MIA

Making life easier for people with the help of Bach Flower Remedies – that is the passion of the two experts Miriam Pendl and Sabrina Krakolinig. At a time when the days fly by and in the evening you are exhausted, drained and unbalanced, although you have the feeling that you have not achieved anything, or at least not all the things you had planned, they would like to offer people support. Support so that life regains its lightness and you feel better and happier again. In the production of the 3 essences, they place particular emphasis on the use of high-quality products. Bach flowers are purely herbal preparations and therefore completely free of side effects.

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