Lifestylehotels™ presents: Alpine Lifestyle


Authentic and powerful – This is how Lifestylehotels interprets “Alpine Lifestyle”

Perhaps there is nothing light and playful about this region, but there is certainly something powerful and genuine. You can feel it in the contact with the people, you can recognize it in the architecture and you can taste it in the food.

The Alps are a very special habitat, characterized by majestic mountain peaks, forests, mountain meadows and the 4 seasons.

Durability is also a term that Lifestylehotels associate with “Alpine Lifestyle“. Everything is made to defy the elements and to endure, traditions are upheld and local customs carry more weight than global trends. 

In our hotels such as the Alpin Juwel, THE SECRET Sölden, Sonne Lifestylehotel, Alfa Hotel, Montafon Lodge and Alpenhotel Kitzbühel, you will experience “Alpine Lifestyle” as Lifestylehotels interpret it – beyond clichés and kitsch.

Nature, and everything that can be experienced through it and in it, is the focus. A place where freedom, joy and magic meet. Clear your head, find your inner balance and discover places for your holistic well-being in our Lifestylehotels member hotels.

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