Collection with a serious message: MAM Vienna shakes up the fashion scene with INSOMNIA


Max Weißenböck and his label MAM Vienna are once again attracting attention in the fashion scene. Yesterday, the 27-year-old Viennese had his mouth sewn shut on camera and then silently presented his new collection INSOMNIA for minutes in a video on his YouTube channel MaxaMillion with more than 187K followers.

The designer and activist wants to make a strong statement and raise awareness for a serious and topical issue: MAM uses the title INSOMNIA, meaning insomnia, as a metaphor for turning night into day, distracting oneself from one’s own problems at parties with alcohol, drugs and superficial relationships. In other words, to numb oneself instead of feeling.

Despite the progressive open-mindedness and acceptance, far too many people still feel shy about talking about their problems and feelings and confiding in someone. The attempt to talk it out with oneself often ends tragically. As a sign to break the silence, Max Weißenböck had his mouth sewn shut.

The INSOMNIA collection is not only meant to serve as a fashion accessory, but also as a mouthpiece for expressing one’s own feelings. Part of the proceeds will be donated to support suicide prevention. The collection is available exclusively through on selected days in November.

The collection consists of 3 different short sleeve t-shirts as well as a polo, hoodie, zip hoodie, jumper and a pair of jeans, camouflage pants, glasses and a bag.