Hotel Pleta de Mar: M for MERAVILLOSA // Lifestylehotels

Masterpiece of nature

We’re on a cliff on the east coast of Mallorca, where the pristine landscape is characterised by turquoise sea, red rocks and moss green trees. This is where the island shows its wild side. The bays are picturesque and the sunsets are perhaps a little more vibrant than in other places. And in the middle of it all, surrounded by pine forests, olive groves and grassland, a sprawling resort connects respectfully with nature.

Mediterranean style

“Imagine waking up in front of a work of art created by nature itself.” The large windows in the light-filled rooms stretch right down to the floor so as to give the landscape the appropriate framing. Inside the buildings, natural materials like stone, pebbles, marble and bamboo predominate. You can shower out in the open air and swim in two saltwater pools in the idyllic garden. The architecture here is guided by nature.


The Mediterranean setting also inspires award-winning British chef Marc Fosh, who has been working in Spain for 20 years. In the Sa Pleta restaurant, he makes the most of produce from the Balearic Islands. He combines modern techniques with the ancient cooking method of using fire. Thanks to smoke and flames, vegetables, meat and fish are infused with unique flavours. “This extraordinary culinary experience conveys the spirit of the Mediterranean through a food culture inspired by nature.” Yum.