Hering Berlin

Porcelain mug by Stefanie Hering

They are about 11 cm high and visually extremely discreet. They fit perfectly in the hand, so that you do not want to let go of them again. Above all, the handmade manufactory mugs from Hering Berlin contain everything that makes up the secret and fascination of high-class porcelain.

Because no matter whether you fill it with hot tea, cold water or well chilled champagne: The material helps to maintain the temperature of the drinks. At the same time, it is so thin that every sip is a pleasure. Thanks to designer Stefanie Hering’s special understanding of materials, who as a trained master ceramist drives the development of each individual model with her own experiments, other special properties become noticeable as soon as you take one of these mugs in your hand: Inside, it is glazed so brilliantly that incident light is reflected. On the outside, the surface is unglazed, hand-cut bisque porcelain. Thus, each cup has the pleasantly velvety and cool feel of a hand-flatterer.

For precisely these reasons, the simple objects at Hering Berlin are among the most popular gifts:

They are available both in purist white and in a whole range of sophisticated decors – from the sculptural striped pattern Pulse to the stylized blue shells, jellyfish and fish of the Ocean Collection.

A special sophistication of contemporary design is also shown by the Hering Berlin newcomer: a cup with a golden star emblem that shines on every table, from breakfast to opulent dinner, and signals the highest appreciation to the recipient. For the finely crafted decoration can only be realized by masters of their trade in meticulous detail. On pure bisque porcelain, the abstracted golden star emblem shimmers with particular warmth. Thus, this very motif, developed by Stefanie Hering as recently as 2022, stands for a very sensual, mindful luxury. Each cup is unique and each bears the mark of the hand that created it.

If you are looking for a very personal gift (for yourself and others), you can also have the mugs customized with initials or numbers. Or create a small message right away with several letter and symbol mugs.

Thus, in each of the daily useful objects always resonates all the beauty and mastery that the traditional “white gold” in the modern interpretation of Stefanie Hering holds.