Falstaff & Gault&Millau Winner Eisenberg: now online

Eisenberg Eisenberger Weingütern Kopfensteiner, Krutzler und Wachter-Wiesler

Precision landing. The Eisenberg winegrowers launched their joint online shop just in time, as the Eisenberg wineries Kopfensteiner, Krutzler and Wachter-Wiesler were awarded great wine honours by Falstaff and Gault&Millau at the exact moment of the launch and the search engines were running hot.


The online shop

It is a child of the pandemic, the online shop of the Eisenberg vintners. By March of this year at the latest, it was clear to all winegrowers that digital marketing is an indispensable sales channel. At Eisenberg, the structures are small and the cohesion is great. So it quickly became clear that the online shop had to be a joint one.

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With their usual team spirit, the winemakers set to work, putting together very personal wine packages for each winery, each showing a special facet of the Eisenberg, and went online with them at the beginning of December. The first Austrian online shop of an entire wine-growing region was born.

Falstaff and Gault&Millau

In addition to the depth of the vintages, the variety of vineyards and many a rarity, you will of course also find the wines currently awarded by Falstaff and Gault&Millau in the online shop: In the Falstaff category “Blaufränkisch”, the Eisenberg DAC Reserve Ried Reihburg 2018 from the Kopfensteiner Winery was ranked first and the Blaufränkisch Perwolff 2018 from the Krutzler Winery was ranked third.

Weingut Kopfensteiner
Winery Kopfensteiner: 1st place – the Eisenberg DAC Reserve Ried Reihburg 2018
Weingut Krutzler
Winery Krutzler: 3rd Place – the Blaufränkisch Perwolff 2018

The Wachter-Wiesler winery was awarded the “Collection of the Year 2021” by Gault&Millau, whereby the precise origin characteristics of the wines had convinced the jury. As if that were not enough, two wines from the winery are among the 10 best red wines in the country for Gault&Millau. The Blaufränkisch Eisenberg DAC Reserve Ried Reihburg 2017 and the Blaufränkisch Eisenberg DAC Reserve Ried Saybritz 2017 were ranked first.

Now you have the chance to win a personal wine package from the Krutzler Winery: Open the 15th Advent calendar window on 15 December and, with a little luck, you will soon be holding three exceptional Eisenberg wines in your hands. Good luck!

Package: Eisenberg in red

1×0,75 Perwolff 2018 (BF)
1×0,75 Alter Weingarten 2018 (BF, ZW)
1×0,75 Merlot 2018

Ambassadors of a region

The honoured wineries are ambassadors of a region that has steadfastly adhered to its spicy, elegant Blaufränkisch style for decades, and the current awards reward the inherent sense of origin and intensive quality work that has taken place throughout the area in recent years.

This makes it clear which bottles should be on the table at Christmas – and where to get them:

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About EisenbergDAC

The terroir of the EisenbergDAC region is unique: the perfect interplay of climate, geology, topography and the particularly ferruginous soils gives rise to wines with a very distinctive character here. Hot, dry summers, cooling winds from the south and east and sufficient rainfall during the growing season: The Pannonian-Illyrian climate of the EisenbergDAC region already prompted the Celts to cultivate wine here some 2,800 years ago and today creates ideal conditions for the Blaufränkisch grape.

Incidentally, the name “Eisenberger” has been used for more than a century to describe the typical Blaufränkisch wines from southern Burgenland. In 2010, the region was declared by law to be an area for origin-typical wine. The name: EisenbergDAC. DAC stands for Districtus Austriae Controllatus and is the classification that has defined area-typical Austrian quality wines since 2002.

Photos: Ross Weinberg