ETRO HOME: A dialogue among space, colors and geometries.

Elegant patterns and shades of color in the catalogue that showcases the collection designed by Marco De Vincenzo for Etro Home Interiors Dark Neutrals and Mellow Tones

In the backdrop of the modernist Villa Ronchi, distinguished by lofty ceilings and adorned with Art Deco-inspired parquet flooring and wood panelling, the new Etro Home Interiors catalogue narrates the first collection designed by Marco de Vincenzo in a series of captivating settings, showcasing four distinct color palettes that span from blues and greens to natural earth tones in brown and beige shades.

From these last two we sett off on a captivating chromatic journey which, among elegant patterns and fabrics, fluid and reassuring shapes, padded volumes and geometric motifs, leads to the discovery of a new concept of home: a realm of boundless connections.

The Ease modular sofa is presented in an elegant three-seater version with Small Flag velvet upholstery in a soft cream tone, but also in a corner composition of great scenic impact, characterized by the brown Onda fabric upholstery. A modern and essential proposal, Ease  allows to create personalized combinations by associating the different modules. The presence of large cushions amplifies the feeling of comfort, while the possibility of adding storage elements, trays and small tables allows to create additional functional areas

Fabric and color. The two founding themes of Etro are among the main features of the Dahlia armchair, a piece of furniture with contemporary lines inspired by Milanese design. The Pluma floral fabric, a rich and textured brocade in four different colour themes among which a mellow beige, covers the armchair and enhances its soft and rounded shapes. Dahlia is able to add a touch of harmony and intimacy to any room, creating a sense of envelopment and comfortable relaxation.

Expression of a new domestic scenario made of expressive colors and immersive fabrics, the Cushy armchair is characterized by soft and natural lines, able to convey a sense of welcome and intimacy. Among the pages of the catalogue it also features an upholstery in precious brown Amanti velvet pattern.

Finally, presented in cream-toned Small Flag velvet, a sofa with a sophisticated style, oriented towards a contemporary and essential living: it is Ratio Up, which combines a structure in poplar wood and foam with metal feet in a Dusk Bronze finishing.

The hand-tufted carpets in mohair and bamboo Arches and Brown Hues complete an environment in earthy colors, where luxury meets a naturally inspired aesthetic and refined retro suggestions.