Extravagance in form and colour: refined jewellery with Fancy Yellow Diamonds can’t be outdone when it comes to radiance.

Even if they display identical parameters in terms of colour, cut, clarity and carat, none of the extraordinary stones equals the other, therefore they are justifiably part of the Fancy Coloured Diamonds group. The Fancy Yellow Diamonds selected for Bucherer Fine Jewellery are all classed as being in the extremely rare yellow category and are available as Fancy and Fancy intense.

Only a handful of these rare gems are obtained around the world every year. Thanks to its cut, the stone receives its dazzling fire, playfully catches and reflects the light and therefore demonstrates the full extent of its craftsmanship. This is the case for the pear cut in particular, which is a combination of the elliptical marquise shape and traditional round Brilliant cut. This complex faceting results in even greater symmetry and brilliance to really emphasise the depth of colour of a diamond in an exceptional way., Earclips Masterpieces Diamonds Weißgold, ca. 453.630 € 

Photocredits: Bucherer Fine Jewellery