Essentials: AIKON #tide

LaCroix Akon #tide

The new AIKON #tide by Maurice Lacroix shows how upcycled ocean-bound plastic can be used to make an exceptionally stylish and precise watch collection that is also the most dazzling and unconventional range of watches to be released by Lacroix.

The AIKON #tide is the product of the collaboration between Maurice Lacroix and #tide, a Swiss company that fishes out discarded plastic from the oceans. Thanks to an advanced technique, this ocean plastic can be turned into plastic granules that are then used to make the collection in eight different colour combinations. It’s a Swiss made upcycled masterpiece. 

Key Elements of the Watch

Similar to the other watches in the AIKON family, the AIKON #tide has some of the same features – however, the #tide is made of upcycled plastic from the ocean combined with fiberglass. This composite is twice as hard as ordinary plastic, five times more durable, and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than virgin PET manufacturing. The bezel, case, case back, crown, end piece and clasp of the new model are made of this composite material. 17 bottles are needed to make the watch and its custom packaging, which is made of 100 percent #tide ocean material®. A win-win for both sides.


Photo credits: Maurice Lacroix