Luxury Ski Fashion Brand Welcomes You to Planet JET SET

The JET SET design team used three credos when it created its FW24/25 collection: Embrace the heritage, revive the legends, and shake the future. Now, with the launch of the collection, JET SET invites the bold and daring to travel back in time to honor the brand’s Swiss heritage and discover a new dimension in ski fashion and apres ski couture. It’s time to step on planet JET SET.

Creating Iconic Mountain Fashion Since 1969

Born in 1969 amidst the magnificent mountains of St. Moritz, JET SET was created under the fearless leadership of founder, Kurt Ulmer, a true fashion pioneer who reshaped the industry with bold methods and materials. Back then, he conquered the world’s ski slopes with glamour, a blaze of colour, bold patterns, and sophisticated body-hugging cuts. Embracing Ulmer’s daring spirit, the new collection features animal prints, bright colours, high-tech fabrics, and glamorous sex appeal.

Six Capsules: Expect the unexpected

The FW 24/25 collection consists of 6 capsules for men and women with multiple highlights – never seen and out of this world. Each of them has the JET SET DNA, contains legends, surprises with new cuts and pops with colours and patterns:

Night Ski

Men & Women

“Night Ski” is a capsule for men and women that starts with a world premiere: the Tuxedo Night and Tuxedo Pin elegant, sophisticated and cosmic in black and pinstripe. Samantha is the 2nd debut in the collection: A skirt made of Schoeller fabric, ideally paired with the luxury sparkling Eva Black Glitter top and a matching balaclava and witness how a lady turns into a black galactical diamond. The line is not only sparkling, but also shining like a star, such as the Everett down jacket in black velvet or the silver Jason jumpsuit with its silver Halo parker (all for men). The most radiant women’s outfit of the winter is definitely the ultra-shiny Joana ski jacket and Tiby ski trousers in gold. Turning heads guaranteed.

Leo Kiss


A tribute to the heritage and daring of JET SET. A journey into the wilderness to redefine the season’s essentials on and off the piste. The new leo mix print stands out like a roaring King of the Jungle. The Diana parka with plenty of fake fur fills the style vacuum with polar bear warmth. The Breid jumpsuit is an extravagant outfit for the city streets or, in its ski version, a style icon on the slopes. Stephanie Marchetti, Head of Design at JET SET:

„We love the Breid jumpsuit so much for its versatility and we can’t choose which side is the best, the front or the back.“

The Cat Ski Suit and the Gala Ski Suit are two more new jumpsuit styles in the Leo Kiss line. Like the Breid jumpsuit, the Cat Ski Suit in dark olive green stands out with its braided corsage detail at the back. The Gala is reduced to the essentials, emphasizing the beautiful feminine silhouette.

Major Tom


JET SET ventures into a new ski galaxy with cosmic styles. A boundless mission that defies norms – and was designed for astronauts and men who break boundaries. The fearless wear our Tommy Lux down jacket, which shine and shimmer in green.

Slope Mate


Ski. Dream. Love. Claudia Arliati, Designer at JET SET, „When I designed the Slope Mate capsule I have dreamt of a winter wonderland.”. White, pink, beautiful camouflage, fur, velvet and the best mate – the JETI (JET SET Yeti), our friend and companion on the mountain and in the valley ensure ultimate style and a lots of love.

Black Dragon


From the storm‘s silence emerges the dragon – 2024‘s embodiment of luck, opportunity, growth. Celebrating uniqueness and renewal in every piece. A rust-red print, paired with natural tones from beige to dark green, adds a touch of colour to the “black dragon”.

All capsules contain matching luxurious knitwear made from different types of wool from New Zealand to “made in Japan” forging as well as snowgaiters to give the look the finishing touch and matching accessories for style icons. The capsules have been developed so that they can also be combined and marketed together – typical JET SET, we love freedom and creativity.

Legends Never Die

In addition to the new styles, JET SET continues to celebrate the looks it has built itself upon, such as the Tiby ski pants or the Domina and Ghoster ski suits. The Tiby in particular is unmistakable thanks to its cut and its famous stars along the sides. Their source of inspiration? Stuntman Evel Knievel, who defied gravity in this fashionable look. For 50 years, the Tiby ski pants have been ahead of their time and are still the ski trousers with the ultimate fit. Almost as famous is the mystical Ghoster overall, which is the most seductive all-in-one solution for the modern ski diva. Meanwhile, the Domina lives up to her name.

Sourced From The Epicentre Of Fabrics and Fashion

JET SET relies on the best suppliers for its fabrics. Cutting-edge textile manufacturer Schoeller, for example, is featured prominently in the collection. JET SET’s design team is based in the fashion epicentre of Milan, and the majority of production also takes place in Italy.

Further Facts & Information

Collection: FW24/25 Women’s & Men’s RTW

Showroom Milan: January 10 – February 29, 2024, Via Tortona 31 20144, Milano, Italy

Showroom Munich: January 22–26 & February 7–13, Wagnerstraße 3, 80802 Munich, Germany

Apparel: Ski, Apres Ski, City

Designer: Claudia Arlati


Headquarter: Zurich, Switzerland

Founding year: 1969

Birth place: St. Moritz

Contact for Showroom Appointments: