Bulgari and Save the Children celebrate 15 years of a successful partnership with the launch of a new custom made necklace and the #withmewithyou campaign.

With me, with you and with all those who believe in the importance of the philanthropic cause, since 2009 Bulgari has been side by side with Save the Children to support the world’s most vulnerable children.

For the past 15 years Bulgari has been a proud partner of the charity raising over 105 million dollars through the sales of the custom-made jewelry collection, specially created by the Roman Maison for this purpose. An ambitious goal and now, a starting point, which has allowed to reach over 2 million of children in 37 countries, primarily guaranteeing quality education, youth empowerment, emergency response and the fight against poverty. A path to save the future of disadvantaged children that has been built over time, step by step, with a wide range of long-term projects that have positively impacted many individual lives.

But there’s much more work to be done for 468 million children living in conflict affected areas and 222 million crisis-affected children and adolescents in need of education support, as well as for 153 million children are facing acute hunger around the world.

“Walking alongside Save the Children for fifteen years has been a great honor for Bulgari.” commented Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari CEO. “Together we were pioneers in creating a partnership, carrying out long-term projects over the years and giving concrete support to millions of children. We celebrate this important anniversary with the aim of not stopping, but continuing with the same strength and common passion in giving opportunities and light on the path of many other children.”

On the occasion of this momentous anniversary, Bulgari has decided to renew once more its commitment through the release of the new #WITHMEWITHYOU campaign and the introduction of a new pendant necklace enriching the custom-made jewelry collection. Inspired by the signature line B.zero1 Rock, the sterling silver necklace featuring a round pendant with edgy metallic studs, will be sold at the retail price of 800 EUR (760 USD) of which 95 EUR will be donated to Save the Children. Starting from January 1st 2024, the same amount – increased by Bulgari to strengthen its commitment – will be donated for each piece sold of the collection, which today also includes a ring (600 EUR / 580 USD), a bracelet (650 EUR / 620 USD) and two other pendant necklaces respectively sold at 790 EUR (770 USD) and 700 EUR (660 USD).

Save the Children and Bulgari have spent the last fifteen years working together to make the world a better place for children. This key milestone marks both the end of a fantastic path travelled together, but also an exciting new beginning. I am thrilled that Bulgari has chosen to celebrate this continued partnership with Save the Children with a new unique piece of jewelry: a symbol of the change this collaboration has brought about in the lives of millions of children around the world. Each child has a unique story of resilience and strength that deserves to be told, and we are delighted that Bulgari continues to support us in this endeavor”, said Claudio Tesauro, Chair of Save the Children Italy.

Shot under the artistic direction of the illustrious photographer Fabrizio Ferri, who also signed the first and other important Bulgari and Save the Children campaigns over the years, the new solidarity campaign #WITHMEWITHYOU focuses on the connection between all those who are part of this chain created by Bulgari and Save the Children.

In the campaign to be released starting with images on January 1st and fully unveiled with videos on February 7th, Bulgari Global Brand Ambassador Anne Hathaway becomes part of this community and joins its commitment with a message about the importance to go further and do more. Top Model Eva Herzigova guides us into the world of Sumiya, a young girl from Nepal who joined the Youth Empowerment Bulgari program to learn what is required to start a business. Image Architect Law Roach tells the story of Raneem from Siria, a refugee from the Zaatari camp who learned how to go beyond boundaries through the power of education. Top model and actor Jon Kortajarena offers a glimpse into the life of A-Dang, a child coming from what is considered one of the poorest districts in Vietnam, who joined a Bulgari education program guaranteeing bilingual education for children of ethnic minorities in remote areas. Finally, Orchestra Conductor Beatrice Venezi shows her admiration for Litzy, a Bolivian girl who learned to take care of herself and to practice resilience building her own business of beekeeping.

The new Bulgari and Save the Children pendant necklace will be exclusively available for pre-sale on bulgari.com from January 2nd and worldwide in selected Bulgari stores starting from January 15th .

Photocredits: Antonio Barrella, Fabrizio Ferri