Fear is better than its reputation


When it comes to fear, everything usually revolves around the question of how to get rid of it as quickly as possible. In her new book, Constanze Dennig takes a different approach: the specialist in neurology and psychiatry explains that fear also has its good sides – if you understand it and know how to use it.

Using concrete examples, she explains how fear develops in the brain, what the difference is between “normal” and pathological fear, which systems of our modern society exploit and fuel it – and how to counteract it.

Because the supposedly negative feeling is in truth also a powerful engine for further development, change and self-acceptance.

From the contents:

  • The business with fear and how we are manipulated with fear
  • Fear as a motor of human development
  • Angstlust- transforming fear into happiness
  • Our everyday life from intelligent fear avoidance strategies
  • For the positive handling of fear: 16 “trick tools”.

As an author, Constanze Dennig has always benefited from her expertise as a psychiatrist – her profound understanding of the human psyche makes the portrayal of her protagonists particularly realistic.

For her new non-fiction book, she has therefore asked artists for the first reading who, for the creation or portrayal of their characters, also delve deeply into their emotional world, often portraying fear in an impressively artistic way.

None other than Daniel Kehlmann, Thomas Raab and Christoph Waltz – all outstanding masters of their craft – gave their feedback on the book:

There are many reasons to be afraid, but there are also reliable techniques for understanding, using, and sometimes even overcoming one’s fear. Dealing with fear is something you can learn. For example, in this profound, clever and knowledgeable book: Constanze Dennig is an expert who knows how to convey her knowledge in such a way that it can actually help. 

Daniel Kehlmann

With straightforward elegance and unmasking logic, this book achieves what shelf walls full of guidebooks fail to do. It doesn’t want to comfort us as if we were children, but rather, at eye level, undermines many a misconception and lets the enemy become a friend. Absolutely impressive. And groundbreaking.

Thomas Raab 

Constanze Dennig has written a book that is not only very instructive, but also extremely helpful. It clearly shows that fear is nothing to be afraid of. And above all, why that is so.  *

Christoph Waltz

Constanze Denning, „Willkommen Angst“ Vom Nutzen der Furcht, Ueberreuter Verlag, 24 Euro

Photocredits: Louisa Dennig, Unsplash