Alpine cosmetics line: ‘MAGDALENA’S made in Tyrol’

MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol

Tyrolean cosmetics that truly get under your skin

With MAGDALENA‘S made in Tyrol, named after the daughter of Heinz Schultz, the team around pharmacist and member of the Schultz business family Lukas Schultz has developed a high quality, vegan-certified natural cosmetics line for men and women placing the focus on what is essential, combining natural ingredients to form a high-quality product, with a connection to nature from the outset.

MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol

Natural cosmetics for care-conscious people

We recommend MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol to all men and women who trust in the power of nature for skincare and beauty, whilst wanting to safeguard the natural environment. It is an invitation to all care-conscious people who value the essentials and expect first-class results from a straightforward, yet high-quality skincare and cosmetics range.

MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol lives up to these high quality expectations. Especially as they contain the precious properties of a sophisticated blend of exquisite alpine herbs and healing plants from the Alps. For example, yellow clover that relaxes areas of stressed skin. Meadowsweet, which has anti-inflammatory and regenerative powers. St. John’s wort, which harmonises body and soul. Or gentian, which is not only good for the skin, but is also wonderfully relaxing for muscles and joints.

With pure spring water from the Gradonna.

High alpine & deeply effective

MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol is a cosmetic range in which water plays a particularly significant role. Firstly, because the high-quality creams and lotions affords the skin with an abundance of moisture, providing long-lasting stability and elasticity. Secondly, because this is a very special kind of water that has a deeply penetrating effect on the skin and provides long-term hydration.

The balanced mineral content of fresh mountain water from the heart of the Alps is an important prerequisite for the consistent high quality of our products.

Delight in the pleasures of a skincare range that pampers both your skin and hair with precious herbal extracts and alpine spring water!