ZAZATAM A restaurant for all the senses in Vienna

Get out of the daily grind and into the world of flavours. The two-toque restaurant ZAZATAM is not just a restaurant, it is a place where guests can immerse themselves in an immersive experience. Cuisine that fuses Latin American and Asian influences is consumed in an atmosphere reminiscent of a garden at night. An adventure for all the senses.


At ZAZATAM you will find seasonally changing, customised creations as well as signature dishes that are always on the menu. However, the international inspiration of the dishes remains the same: Latin America and Asia come together at ZAZATAM. The result is dishes that combine high-quality ingredients, different spices and textures to create new, exciting flavours. Quality products such as dry-aged meat from XO Beef are just as much a part of the menu as sophisticated vegan and vegetarian specialities, exceptional fish dishes and addictive desserts. The signature dishes run through all courses. Starting with Tuna Tataki, Crispy Artichoke, homemade pasta variations, cod on forbidden rice, churros & popcorn ice cream. At ZAZATAM dishes can be enjoyed individually or as part of a 4-course menu.


With passion and sophistication, ZAZATAM’s kitchen, under the direction of Head Chef Felix Müller, creates an unforgettable Fine Dining adventure for its guests. In contrast to other award-winning restaurants, where fine dining is associated with a sometimes dusty label, ZAZATAM breaks away from this with the concept of casual fine dining. In homage to South American and Asian food culture, the dishes are usually shared with other people and experienced together.

At ZAZATAM, sophisticated ideas invite you on an aromatic & cultural journey around the world. After dinner, a separate bar in an intimate atmosphere invites you to round off the evening with unusual signature drinks and cocktail-classics.


The doors of the ZAZATAM also open to a world of its own. Lush, dark green walls, tropical wallpaper, velvety fabrics, chequerboard tiles on the floor and romantic, dim lighting welcome guests and invite them to fully immerse themselves in the ZAZATAM experience. In summer, ZAZATAM offers a large garden that is just as idyllic and at the same time captures the lightness of summer.


The ZAZATAM can accommodate up to 90 guests in total, making it suitable for any event. Be it a birthday dinner, the next company party or the next product launch.


A Restaurant that is not just about the food, but about the whole experience that comes with a visit. Such creative concepts were previously only known from metropolises such as Barcelona or London. With ZAZATAM, this experience is now also possible in the heart of Vienna. As an independent part of the laid-back Luxury Hotel ZOLA, ZAZATAM can be found in the 2nd district at Hillerstraße 11 from Wednesday to Saturday 17.00-02-00.

All Pictures Copyright Florence Stoiber