W.K. Kaminholz // Advent Calender, Day 14

Door 14 is crackling and warming. This time you can win a roll of firewood! Have fun taking part.

14th December – PLAY & WIN NOW!

How much does a roll of firewood with a cut length of 33 cm weigh?

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A guarantee of quality.

The ecological way of thinking in the production of W.K. firewood runs right through the production process – from our own power supply using solar energy to the heat supply of the drying plants, which is powered by the residual heat and utilization of the wood waste from the firewood production. Sustainability and ecological sense are ensured throughout!

The wood, which comes 100% from Austria, is processed and dried with extreme care. This is done using a highly complex and modern drying plant. Thanks to this unique and award-winning (“Innovation Award Burgenland” 2016) drying process, the moisture content is below 7% and thus achieves a higher calorific value! The low moisture content also guarantees a quiet and, above all, low-smoke fire! Another side effect is that the wood is free of bark and dust. As a result, less ash is produced after heating and your combustion chamber remains much cleaner.

Firewood – splinter-free, rounded and clean!

Whether fire bowls, campfires, stoves or fireplaces: our firewood is suitable for many heat sources. A log length of 25 cm is ideal for smaller combustion chambers. Otherwise, 33cm would be the usual standard size. We currently offer domestic beech or cherry!
In our ORF report from 2018 we introduce you to our production: